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Max, owner and builder at MS Artrix, Italy

At the Verona Motor Bike Expo in Italy, one of the biggest and best Custom Bike Shows in Europe, we had a brief moment to to talk to Max, owner, builder and painter of the World famous MS Artrix Bikes. Long, low and graciously formed Custom Bikes that won many prizes and awards in Italy and Europe, decorate his stand. Max, dressed in typical Italian style, does not represent the Biker-look, he looks more like a designer and that’s exactly what he is. 

Max started designing and custom painting Bikes in 1995. But painting alone wasn’t enough for Max, who realized that he wanted to be more involved in the whole bike building experience. “It was a long process, but after many years, in which I learneda lot, I started building one-off Custom Bikes. That was in 2006, when I built my First custom for a client.” It was an instant succes story. Magazines spread the word and showed his pieces of rolling art, his bikes attended various bike shows and MS Artrix became a succesfull and famous builder.    

Max, who used to be working in Construction, builds unique, one of a kind and one-off bikes, still does the painting all by himself too and the owner of World Famous fashion company Fendi, with a keen eye for fashion and perfection, commissioned a motorcycle at MS Artrix. Signore Fendi was so happy with that bike, that he recently ordered another one to be build at MS Artrix. 

'Terminator', built and painted byy MS Artrix

Max won many shows, in 2013 he even won the Italian Championship! This year at the Motor Bike Expo at the Veronafiere, he ended up in third place in the RevTech Performance Class with his highneck chopper ‘Red Devil’ in the Custom Chrome Europe Italian Championship! But his work was way before recognized by the international circle of custom bike builders; in 2011 Max’ MS Artrix was chosen as one of the 26  Best Builders Worldwide! 

The Red Devil

Max has won the Italian Custombike Championship already 3 times with his immaculately built Bikes. The details, flowing lines, overall perfection & engineering are incredibly. Check out his website (sorry, in Italian only) with all his projects  

Carrie Convilli, famous Italian anchorman Jimmy Ghione and Max - MS Artrix 
Motor Bike Expo Veronafier


Località Tzamberlet, 11/D
11020 Gressan (AO) Italia

P.IVA: 00591000070
C.F.: GLLMSM73E07A326

Massimo Gullone
Tel. e fax +39 0165 239333
Cell. +39 347 2348045

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