Tuesday, 4 February 2014

MCS First Aid motorcycle kit

MCS First Aid motorcycle kit

If you hop on your bike for a nice ride, chances are you're not thinking about things that could go wrong. Still, if you feel you should be prepared, for yourself or one of your riding buddies, this is the helping hand in times of need. The Motorcycle Storehouse First Aid Kit is specifically composed, in accordance with DIN 13167, for motorcycle use. It is even required by law to carry one on your bike in many European countries. 

The kit includes first aid Instructions, rubber surgery gloves, insulation blanket to help prevent shock, dressings, bandages, self-adhesive plaster, gloves and scissors. Comes in a zippered nylon bag which is approximate 15cm wide x 12cm high x 5cm deep, with a weight of just 247 grams. Might as well give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call. 
Better have and not need than need and not have, eh?

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