Monday, 24 February 2014

Electric Starter Motor Indian Big Chief 1948

Presentation of the Electric Starter Motor Indian Big Chief 1948 by Tony "Indian" Leenes

Mr. Indian of Holland; Tony Leenes, developed an electric starter motor for the old Indian Big Chief models.
Tony explains; "These bikes are not always easy to kickstart, and as we all get a little older, the question often asked was, what can we do to make it start easier? The answer I came up with, was an electric starter. The E-Starter for old Indians comes as a complete bolt-on kit, with no major modifications required."

It took Tony Leenes two years to develope the electric starter kit for Indian Big Chief models, and the presentation was at the MOTORbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

Be sure to put your sound system on to enjoy the sound of this beautiful engine! 

Special thanks to Inge for the video!

Tony "Indian" Leenes also has a unique Indian museum, located in the north of Holland, in Lemmer. He has a stunning collection of Indians, amongst them are race bikes such as a drag racer, hill climber, speedway and side car racer, a world speed record racer and many, many more Indians. Tony "Indian" Leenes has a workshop where he does full restaurations and repairs of old Indian Motorcycles and has a shop where parts and memorabilia are old. 

For more information:
Tony “Indian” Leenes
Indian Place 1 / Kadijk 23
8531 XH Lemmer
0514-563 244

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