Thursday, 9 January 2014

Dynojet Power Commander 5 series for 2014 models

Dynojet Power Commander 5 series for 2014 models.
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Fuel supply can make or break your riding experience. The stock ECU set-up will work, but it's far from perfect due to restrictive government regulations, something you'll notice when riding. When starting to tune your new bike, which includes basic things as fitting a free breathing air cleaner and exhaust mufflers, a good working fuel injection system becomes even more important. Dynojet has released brand new Power Commander 5 series fuel injection modules that are fully programmable to satisfy your bike's fuel needs, no matter if just lightly tuned or heavily modified. 

Power Commander 5 is available for all 09-14 Softail, Dyna, Touring, Sportster and V-Rod models. Tuning can be done with readily available downloadable maps, or you tune yourself by PC. As an option the AutoTune stystem is available. The Auto­tune will automatically tune your bike while riding and to maximize results two Wide Band O2 sensors are included to replace the stock Narrow Band sensors. 

A much better tuning result will be obtained then ever possible with the stock, low cost, sensors. The rider can even specify the AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) to tune for power, with more open throttle positions, or economic fuel consumption with more closed throttle positions like when cruising, these maps (race / cruise) can be selected by the flip of a toggle switch. 

To visualize it all you can, optionally, get the LCD Unit to show your, real-time, on-bike map adjustments, air/fuel ratio, data logging and more. 

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if you feel it’s time to upgrade your fuel injection system.

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