Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Be seated in MCS Style - Cafe Racer Style.

Burly Sportster Café Racer tail section.
Be seated in Motorcycle Storehouse Style

This Café Racer seat, by USA based manufacturer Burly Brand is distributed by Motorcycle Storehouse and it will make things easy on you. A lot less tools and time for a creation that is nothing short of great.

It is called a 'Tail Section' since the seat is not, like most, installed on top the stock rear fender, that would be a short-cut to a lesser result. 

The installation of this seat/cowl combination will require the removal of the stock rear fender, support struts relocation of taillight & turn signals. This opens-up the rear of the bike, bringing out the maximum in true classic cafe racer styling in a way no other 'ready to install' seat could ever do. Available with a fully vinyl covered seat/cowl (MCS 533343) or with a vinyl covered seat and a paintable black gel coated cowl (MCS 533342). 

To transform your 86-93 Sporty in to Super Hot you need to talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer, he'll fill you right in.

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