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RK Concepts at Essen Motor Show 2013

RK Concepts at Essen Motor Show 2013
Rafik Kaissi, one of the best-known motorcycle designers. well-known for unusual styles, 
has five bikes on display at the Essen Motor Show, this week at the Messe in Essen. 

Known as RK Concepts, Texas - USA based custom bike builder Rafik competed with many of his bikes in almost all the important custom bike shows all over the world and won numerous tropyhies and awards. 
The number and level of custom bikes at the Essen Motor Show is not what it used to be. But...

Luckely, Rafik and his beautiful girlfriend Julie are there, showing incredibly high level custom bikes. All built by hand, looking like aliens and these bikes have stunning technical details you've never ever seen before. Rafik is there, answering all your questions and explaining all the ins- and outs of his cool custom creations. Make sure you'll visit him at the Essen Motor Show, Messe Essen, Germany. The Essen Motor Show is open this week until sunday afternoon! 

Rafik: "Growing up in Lebanon I’ve always enjoyed cars and bikes, but I loved to ride. I had my first bike at 13 years old. It was a green Honda 70XL I decided to paint black. My second bike was a Honda 350XL then I moved on to a Suzuki 1000GS when I was about 16.

"Coming from an artistic family with whom my father was a renown artist, drawing is something that I always took an interest in and used this to express my ideas. I eventually moved to the states and had several different occupations until I decided to go to barber school. After schooling I jumped right in to owning my own barber shop. When 2004 came that’s when I realized and truly found what my passion in life was. I always attended bike shows and was bored with looking at the same bike designs. That’s what drove me to designing and building my own creations into working concepts."

"I have recently purchased a 2500sq ft old barn which I converted into a shop. This is a far cry from the one car apartment garage I used to work out of. I now have more equipment and space to create and build my concepts. This is what I enjoy and have a passion for. I am truly blessed to have found my passion in life and to have great friends that support me in my dreams."

Thanks for visiting Europe Rafik & Julie!

 More photo's of Rafik's RK Concepts custom bikes on our website, Photo Galleries - 2013 Essen Motor Show

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