Thursday, 28 November 2013

S&S 3 Piece Flywheels for 1999-2013 Big Twin Models

S&S 3 Piece Flywheels for 1999-2013 Big Twin Models

You've Got To Be Strong... To Go Fast

As the performance of an engine is increased, eventually a weak link is found and something fails. One such weak link is the stock flywheel assembly in 1999-to present Harley-Davidson® big twins. If you really put the hammer down, the stock wheels tend to shift out of true. These assemblies are all new, with integral sprocket and pinion shafts, an all new connecting rod and crankpin, and superior materials for added strength. They are a vast improvement over stock, and are even superior to S&S flywheels to date.

•1999-’13 Harley-Davidson® big twins – Balanced and unbalanced models
•S&S T-Series Engine and Hot Set Up Kit® replacement flywheels

•320-0459.jpgHeat-treated 4140 material is harder and 114% stronger than stock
•Harder material, eliminates thrust washer
•Larger 1.671” diameter crankpin 
•Designed with increased cross-sectional area for increased crank-pin clamping force – No welding required!
•Integral mainshafts – Eliminates two potential points of weakness
•Consistent balance and precision machining – Truer flywheels and less vibration
•Reduced mainshaft deflection at high rpm – less vibration, reduced piston and rod side thrusting, prevents oil pump damage, fully compatible with gear drive cams
•Capable of higher rpm – More available power!
•Trued to with in .0005” TIR 
•Rod Bearings have 20 rollers vs 18 stock

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