Wednesday, 6 November 2013

DesignWraps Brands Introduces RidersBeanies in Three New Fabrics

DesignWraps Brands Introduces RidersBeanies 
in Three New Fabrics

Great Bend, KS - DesignWraps Brands, the leading motorcycle head wear manufacturer in the United States, introduces RidersBeanies in 3 different materials; Supplex, Body Care and Powerdry…perfect for any weather condition you’ll face. DesignWraps Brands maintains the philosophy that riding motorcycles while uncomfortable only wastes energy causing fatigue. Riders need to choose functional gear from head to toe. Choosing headwear manufactured with comfortable and breathable fabrics, is the wise choice to make “Your Ride” more enjoyable and safe. 

The Supplex RidersBeanie is the ultimate helmet liner and best for all-weather comfort. Supplex offers the look and feel of cotton, with moisture wicking functionality, adding strength and durability. Supplex is also guaranteed not to fade. The black stays black.

DesignWraps Brands, under the brand name Wraps of Hope, offers over 50 rhinestone designs embellished onto the Supplex RidersBeanie creating a beautiful combination of functional “bling”.
Body Care with Quick Dry and Lycra Fibers, a functional fabric targeted toward sports and active wear markets, also creates the perfect beanie for motorcycle riders. This fabric absorbs the moisture and perspiration, while adding a bit more thickness for cooler weather.

Powerdry by Polartec, the best for cold weather riding conditions is a perfect insulating fabric, providing great warmth with minimal weight for superior layering between a base layer and shell. Powerdry also offers great moisture-wicking, unbeatable breathability and rugged durability. 
These fabrics are designed for riders looking to add another comfort level to their ride, whether they wear a helmet or not. After the ride, all three fabrics are machine washable and fast-drying to get you back in the saddle quickly.

RidersBeanies are perfectly sized S-T-R-E-T-C-H Beanie and the ultimate helmet liner. Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, & XL) to ensure the perfect fit. No costs are spared by DesignWraps Brands so they can continue to provide market leading, state-of-the-art products and the fabrics used to make them. All DesignWraps Brands products are manufactured in the United States.

DesignWraps Brands wholesale website is located at; you can reach the company at 1.877.700.4687, ext 4, or e-mail them at

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