Thursday, 3 October 2013

Legend Air Suspension, the Ace-Ace at Motorcycle Storehouse

Legend Air Suspension, the Ace-Ace

Ride height has been a hot debated issue around custom bikes since decennia. Low is cool, hitting the street after a pothole is not, neither is limping away from your bike after a 100 mile ride. Other important factors are the actual load on the bike. Just the rider or riding 2-up with luggage for a 3 month camping trip. The only true solution is a suspension system that is wide-range adjustable. 

The more extreme the adjust ability is, and the easier to adjust, the nicer it is. That's why Legend Air is the Ace-Ace if we'd be playing Texas Hold 'Em. Legend Air manufactures fully adjustable air suspension that can lower the bike from stock to 3" lower, great for the super-low bike look when parked. 

The push of a button will tell the compressor to do its thing, no matter if it’s parked or traveling at cruising speeds. Of coarse, correct ride sag can always be obtained in all situations. Tech details include Gates Kevlar air spring technology, deflective disc dampening and, best of all, no bottoming out under any load. 

Color coded plug & play for a quick and hassle free installation. Applications include 89-13 Softail, 86-13 FLT/Touring, 06-13 Dyna, 86-13 Sportster and 02-13 V-Rod models. Just take a look at page 260-261 of the new Vol. 11 MCS catalog and give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call.

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