Monday, 23 September 2013

Photo's of the Harley-Davidson Club ’t Centrum Int. Rally

Events and H-D Rallies, what makes the difference between a good and a bad one? Well, besides the weather, it’s the people, the way an event is organized and of course the location plays a small role too.

The 44th H-DC ’tCentrum Int. Rally in Maarsseveen, The Netherlands, is one of those rallies you just have to go to. The location at the Lake is beautiful, the weather always, as in every year, is great, but the main thing is the nice people and the relaxt way the Rally is organized.

 Believe me, it’s a shitload of work, time and energy to get a Rally like this organized. The way this Int. H-D Rally runs is like clockwork. Andre and his club know what to do and every little detail is taken care of. The last couple of years they added al lot of entertainment, especially in the afternoon. Whereas at most rallies the site around this time of day usually is deserted, at the H-D Club ’t Centrum Int. Rally, almost everybody who did not join the Ride-Out, stayed there and had a good time, talking to friends, having a drink and listening to a Rockabilly band named ‘The Boppin’ Bastards’ playing outside on the small stage in front of the huge partytent. So, with most people staying at the Rally site, it was busy and everybody had a good time. Plenty of good food for at decent rates was available and the outside bar was crowded with thirsty rally goers... 

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