Friday, 27 September 2013

Biltwell Gringo helmets at Motorcycle Storehouse

Biltwell Gringo helmets

Now, you can call these classic, vintage or whatever you like but these Gringo’s are basically the full face helmets we all used to wear in the 70’s when topping-out our bikes at speeds previously unknown to men! Yeah, the older you get, the better you were. 

All you need is a more or less classic bike and before you finished strapping that helmet to your chin the instantaneous built-in time warp will have brought you back to the 70's. For a modern day EC approval a helmet needs to be large to contain the required shock absorbing material between the helmet shell and the riders head. 

These are true classics and therefore impossible to make with an EC approval, unless you have a head the size of an orange. The Biltwell Gringo, however, does in fact still meet the American safety standards of DOT approval, which means it is approved in the USA for use on 'public roads & highways'. Available in XS to XXL sizes, all in Gloss Vintage White, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Flat Titanium or Gloss Hazard Orange. 

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