Thursday, 11 July 2013

New at Motorcycle Storehouse: Easyriders Head Lamps

Easyriders Head Lamps at Motorcycle Storehouse

When talking custom, like hard-core custom in a classic way, there is no way you can get around the Japanese. Easyriders, from Japan, has come with a new head lamp to bring light in your custom life. And it's available through your local Motorcycle Storehouse Dealer. Through the drilled trim the edges of the unit will show, giving a special lighting effect. In a polished or black anodized aluminum housing the 3.3” opening of the lens may not be too large, but we’re talking custom here. 

Then all stock and average rules go out the door for something different and Easyriders has done just that. The nice thing? These can be ordered, quite conveniently, at your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer. Give the guy a call.

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