Friday, 12 July 2013

Get Your Lowbrow Fuel Bottle at Motorcycle Storehouse

Lowbrow Fuel Bottle

Men can't do two things at the same time, they say. Well you can, and will, push your bike down the road and regret you have not bought the Lowbrow Fuel Bottle at the same time. Some say doing two things at the same time shortens your life considerably, therefore, when running a peanut of some sort, this strong but ultra-light seamless extruded lacquered aluminum 30 fl. oz. (887cc) fuel bottle is a must have. 

Do not confuse this bottle for the regular water bottles in camping good stores. The Lowbrow fuel bottle is specifically made to hold fuel and due to the inside coating not suitable for any consumable goods. 

For more information contact your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer, 
or push your bike when the time has come.

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