Thursday, 21 February 2013

Motorcycle Storehouse NEWS: Arlen Ness, Fusion foot & shifter pegs

Arlen Ness, Fusion foot & shifter pegs
now available at Motorcycle Storehouse

 Arlen has been in business since 1969, which is proof of the outstanding qualities this man has when it comes to customizing. Surviving in an extremely competitive market can be done only when you have customizing running in your veins as if it were blood. 

Several new foot peg styles have just been introduced by the Mastermind of Customizing, with names as Deep Cut, Knurled, Ring Leader, Slot Track and Smooth. Matching shift and brake pegs are separately available. 

All are a 'fusion of great materials'. Forged steel reinforcements with anti-slip linear rubber insert combined with chrome or black anodized aluminum. If you can't stand the foot pegs that you currently have, this is the time to fit new ones. 

Talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer 
for more information on these Arlen Ness products.

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