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Custom Chrome Europe News: 2013 Custom Chrome Europe Catalogue

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Custom Chrome Europe News:
2013 Custom Chrome Europe Catalogue
It’s on the way: 43rd year´s edition Custom Chrome Catalogue – is there more you need to know?

2013 Custom Chrome Europe Catalogue Facts:

Pages: 1.480
Weight: Almost 5 kg
Products: approx. 25.000
New Products: More than 2.200 !
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Notable: This year´s catalogue will feature no less than 5 different covers – one for each language, with the Sales Representative of that particular area sitting on Thunderbikes “Bolt On and Ride” Bike “Speed King” and Harley-Factory Frankfurt’s “Silver Star” Bagger on the rear cover.

Price: 10,-- €
Available: At all Custom Chrome Europe Dealers or at
Release date: March 2013

CCI/CCE Catalogue history

In 43 years of history, Custom Chrome has produced quite a number of landmark aftermarket customparts catalogues. What started as a rough black & white copy style layout in the seventies is now a major undertaking which is the task of CCE’s Marketing Manager Axel Scherer and his team. There are versions for the US and European market, due to the diversity of both markets – and there are no less than five different language versions: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

This time, the fotoshooting for the CCE catalogue cover again proved to be extraordinary, as the decision for five different covers was made, each presenting the Sales Manager responsible for the particular language, all pictured on CCE’s “Speed King”, a “Bolt On and Ride” bike built by Thunderbike Harley-Davidson, while the rear cover introduces Harley-Factory Frankfurt’s “Silver Star” Bagger.

The 2013 “Cover Boyz” are:

Language       CCE Sales Rep
English           Andy Tozer
French                       Pascal Barry
Italian             Ivano Segato
Spanish          Jaime Sagrado
German         Marc Strieffler

With this, Custom Chrome Europe will both introduce and honour its Sales Reps as well as promoting the spirit of riding, which has already been celebrated in the previous “Bolt On and Ride” Bikes and Touring.

Probably the most stunning fact – and one that never changed in the long history of the CCI/CCE catalogues: As soon as the catalogue is printed, it is „outdated“. As product development, TÜV homologation and introduction of new products and ideas are a continuous flow, continuous „Catalogue updates“ are produced, sometimes even parallel to the final catalogue production. Big events and fairs like Verona and Cincinnati happen during the final phase of catalogue production, „With our “Last Minute” section and these Updates we guarantee that our customizers and their customers always have the latest and most „up-to-date“ parts from all over the world“, says Axel Scherer. Online catalogues haven’t changed that, most Harley-riders and especially the dealers prefer to hold „the real thing“ in their hand. The show will go on ... 

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Custom Chrome Europe News:
2013 Custom Chrome Europe Katalog
Jetzt kommt’s dick: Pünktlich zum Saisonstart, Ausgabe 43 des Custom Chrome Europe Katalog!

2013 Custom Chrome Europe Katalog Fakten
Seiten: 1.480
Gewicht: Fast 5 kg
Produkte: Etwa 25.000
Produkt Neuheiten: Etwa 2.200 !
Sprachen: Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch
Preis: 10,-- €
Neu: In diesem Jahr wird der Custom Chrome Europe Katalog mit 5 verschiedenen Covers ausgeliefert – je eins pro Sprache. Abgebildet sind die CCE Verkaufs-Repräsentanten der entsprechenden Sprachgebiete auf Thunderbikes “Bolt On and Ride” Bike “Speed King”, mit dem “Silver Star” Bagger der Harley-Factory Frankfurt auf dem Katalogrücken.

Erhältlich: Bei allen Custom Chrome Europe Händlern oder bei

Erscheinungsdatum: März 2013

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