Sunday, 16 December 2012

NEW at ZODIAC: KIWI Indian Style Leaf Spring Forks


Kiwi is a U.S.A. based company and claims their Leaf Spring forks are the finest Leaf Spring forks ever made for motorcycles. They manufacture the complete forks in their own facility for the highest quality control, using extensive jigging where all the welding is done. This way the part stays rigid and true throughout the whole process.

There are other Leaf Spring forks on the market, almost any of these imitations have welding done freehand and outside of a jig. These usually end up like a pretzel with your wheel sitting cockeyed. Kiwi Leaf Spring forks are made from 1020 DOM tubing for the highest strength. All other parts are CNC machined for the ultimate precision and high quality looks. Welding is done with TIG for deep penetration and good looks. Forks will accept wheel sizes from 16" through to 23". These forks are 20 1/2" (52 cm) when measured from the top side of the lower triple tree and to the center of the axle and will work with 95% of the applications. Stem diameter is 1". Forks have a standard right side disc set up. The use of a Narrow Glide style wheel hub is highly recommended for easy fitment. The Kiwi/Indian front fork is available at over 2.500 Zodiac dealers across Europe.

Suggested retail price (depending on country) starts at 1599.00 inc. BTW/Mwst/VAT
Part Number Information 747350 Indian style leaf spring front fork

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