Monday, 17 December 2012

NEW at Zodiac - Airhawk Comfort Seating

Now available at your Zodiac Dealer

The last mile feels like the first, thanks to Airhawk's exclusive Shape Fitting Technology. This patented system eliminates painful points and promotes consistent blood flow for a longer, more comfortable ride. Memory foam can't do it. Gel seat can't do it. Only a genuine Airhawk gives this unparalleled riding comfort.

As it is fully customizable and portable it can be used on any seat, on any bike and for any rider. When you are looking for the ultimate comfort you go for the Airhawk with its neoprene rubber interior and 3 years of warranty.
When you only needs some help on those occasional long rides you may go for the low-budget Airhawk II with its polyurethane interior and 18 month warranty. No matter which Airhawk you go for, your ass will bless the day you ordered an Airhawk at your Zodiac dealer.
Suggested retail price for a polyurethane Airhawk ranges from 89,00 and up.

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