Thursday, 27 December 2012

NEW at Motorcycle Storehouse - Alpine MotoSafe Hearing Protection

Alpine, MotoSafe hearing protection

What worry could you have when cruisin' around in your twenties? None! However at a later age you may notice you actually did have a problem but never recognized it as such. Your ears just may not be what they used to be after all the riding you did. Regrets will not help you, you can't turm back time so... act now! Get yourself, and your partner, a couple of decent earplugs and never ride without them.

Motorcycle Storehouse offers Alpine MotoSafe, a hearing protection system specifically designed for motorcycle use. It will not cut-out ambient sounds but reduce sound pressure levels to non destructive to your eardrums. The plugs come with two sets of interchangeable filters with two different sound reduction and a zippered carrying case.
Go talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer. Bet you'll say a lot less 'What?' when your dealer says something.

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