Thursday, 6 December 2012

Launch of S&S 'VIOLA V-TWIN Quality Service Parts Program for dealers

S&S Cycle confirms launch of 'VIOLA V-TWIN™'
Quality Service Parts Program for dealers

S&S Cycle is stepping up to the plate with an initiative that seeks to plug the parts-sourcing gap for specialty and independent service shops and custom bike businesses.

Called 'VIOLA V-TWIN™', the program seeks to redress the imbalance caused by changes in availability of OE parts by guiding workshops to aftermarket service parts where they are available, while confirming the OE part number the shop needs to source for items not available through the 'VIOLA V-TWIN™' program.

S&S is publishing a 218 page print catalog and unveiling an online tool that guides independent workshops to the OE components they need and then cross-references S&S and other "high quality" third party alternates to the service they need.

"Quality is a fundamental priority," S&S Marketing Manager Bruce Tessmer told AMD Magazine. "Customers have high standards and expectations where the S&S brand is concerned, and rightly so. Our new program will make it easier for workshops to identify the quality service parts we offer for an OE product, where we have one. If S&S doesn't have it, we will make the product available from carefully selected manufacturers whose product quality is compatible with our own."

'VIOLA V-TWIN™' is a development from an OE/S&S part number cross-reference guide that S&S released a year ago, and it is reaction to that new guide that has resulted in this new concept.

"Many in the market, especially in the aftermarket, look to S&S for independent and authoritative advice and help, and this program has really grown from that," says S&S President Steve Iggens.

"VIOLA V-TWIN™' will grow into a comprehensive reference guide and supply source, offering service shops and performance/ tuning shops access to simple, straightforward application-specific information that allows them to get on with what they do best - keeping the world's greatest motorcycles on the road," he went on to say.

"There's no question that the economic downturn has changed the character and type of the business most shops can expect to do nowadays, and service plays an increased part in it. It has also changed the supply options that shops have with fitment and application information harder to come by, and smaller orders harder to have fulfilled economically.

"Because the aftermarket looks to S&S as its driveline component brand and vendor of choice, everybody wins if we are able to widen that choice and give the independent workshop and motorcycle dealer community faster, simpler and more cost-effective access to the basics they need on a daily basis."

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