Saturday, 15 December 2012

John Doe Kamikaze Jack at Motorcycle Storehouse

NEW at Motorcycle Storehouse:
John Doe, Kamikaze Kevlar® field jackets
When riding a bike, things can turn bad very quickly. As bike riders we accept the higher risk of injury when riding a motorcycle. Living live on the edge sounds nice but when hitting the asphalt your thoughts are elsewhere. While scraping the asphalt you might think about how nicely the John Doe Kamikaze Kevlar jacket resists the abrasive effect, so much better than a regular jacket.

While flippin' through the air and smacking in to the street over and over you might even consider the fine cushioning effect that the, removable, elbow, back and shoulder protectors are giving you. This is a fine jacket and the best of all, you don't even have to crash to appreciate it.
Other features include lots of pockets, a removable thermal liner and permanent wind and waterproof technology. Available in Black, Olive and Camo from Small to 5XL.
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