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DRIVE C2X warns drivers for 'unseen' Motorcyclists

DRIVE C2X warns drivers for 'unseen' Motorcyclists
New system warns other road users for dangerous situations.
Motorcycle warning

The motorcycle continuously provides movement and position information to vehicles nearby. The surrounding vehicles receive the information and can automatically compare their own movement data with the motorcycle data. If a possible crossing with the motorcycle is detected or the relative distance between the two vehicles decreases below a given safety margin, a warning is issued to the driver.
DRIVE C2X focuses on communication among vehicles (C2C) and between vehicles, a roadside and backend infrastructure system (C2I). Previous projects such as PReVENT, CVIS, SAFESPOT, COOPERS, and PRE-DRIVE C2X have proven the feasibility of safety and traffic efficiency applications based on C2X communication. DRIVE C2X goes beyond the proof of concept and addresses large-scale field trials under real-world conditions at multiple national test sites across Europe.

The systems to be tested are built according to the common European architecture for cooperative driving systems defined by COMeSafety, thus guaranteeing the compliance with the upcoming European ITS standards. This approach also ensures that the results of DRIVE C2X have long-term validity on European level, giving system developers as well as decision makers on the industry and authority side the necessary decision confidence.

To gather correct results from the field operational tests for cooperative systems, the technological basis is a fundamental prerequisite. DRIVE C2X relies on results from the PRE-DRIVE C2X project in terms of specification, hardware and software prototypes, test environment and integrated simulation tool set developed. The basis comprises different technological components, namely the communication system (radio, communication protocols), facilities, human machine interface, applications and management.

Compared to the PRE-DRIVE C2X,
recent technology progress make enhancements necessary, as:
 •the ongoing ITS standardization activities is finalizing its first series of standards and is expected to progress dynamically

 •the DRIVE C2X system should be as much as possible compliant to the most recent versions of the standards

 •specific requirements of the test sites require adaptations of the basic system.

For the first time in Europe, DRIVE C2X is also implementing and testing a concept for the integration of a data backend. Therefore enabling commercial services based on C2X communication data to private and commercial customers. Such services are expected to become a major revenue source for cooperative driving systems and can be the key for successful implementation of this technology on European roads.


C2X communication is expected to provide what is called the Telematics Horizon. It will enable drivers to look further ahead than they would relying on their eyes and in vehicle sensors only. Through C2X communication drivers will be informed about potentially dangerous situations in front of them in due time before they reach this particular spot. Driving simulator studies have shown that drivers having received warnings via C2X communication will adapt their speed better to the potentially safety critical situations than drivers that have not received a warning. It is obvious that this will have a direct effect on number and severity of accidents resulting in the reduction of accident costs foremost but also in the reduction of congestion costs, time costs, emission costs and costs for vehicle operation. Details on the cost savings that can be expected here can be found in PRE-DRIVE C2X Deliverable D5.2-5.3 Social, political economics and business economics impacts of cooperative systems, potential business models, please contact us for acquiring the documents.


In DRIVE C2X a number of safety related functions are tested and evaluated on several test sites in Europe. These functions are described in the Driving section of this website. The evaluation results will be published as soon as they become available.
(Source DRIVE C2X)

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