Saturday, 17 November 2012

Rick's H-D Bagger Kit

Complete Bagger Kit from Rick's
Total price from €49.900,00*

Rick’s Completebike, based on HD Touring ®
Rick’s Design wheel front
Rick’s brakedisc matching to the wheels
Rick’s Triple Trees Kit 7°
Rick’s Front Fender
Rick’s Nacelle
Rick’s Gastank
Rick’s Handlebar
Rick’s Sidefiller
Rick’s Aircleaner
Rick’s Turnsignal bracket front
Rick’s Hardbags
Rick’s Rearfender
Rick’s Licenseplate
Rick’s Distributor for brakelines

Tyre front and rear
Price for shown bike excl. Audiosystem: €58.900,00 
*All prices include 19% VAT
Price for shown bike incl. Audiosystem: €62.900,00

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