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Motor Bike Expo Verona, Italy 2013 Preview!

 Motor Bike Expo – Veronafiere – 18/20 January 2013


          Motor Bike Expo 2013: the preview!

Verona Fiere reissues the appointment
from January the 18th till January the 20th 

It is the not to be missed event for thousands of bikers who, in the middle of winter, meet each other in Verona to look at all the market novelties, to know all the new style trends in advance and to plan purchases, journeys, sport appointments and holidays.

Obviously we are speaking about Motor Bike Expo, that will take place from January the 18th till January the 20th 2013, it is the international fair for real bikers and it is able to concentrate in three days an event, personages, shows and world absolute news explosion that fascinates and ravishes.

All this in the mood of a Fair that is organized following high professional criteria, that attracts the most important world brands but that at the same time is plunged in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of friendship and party like that of a big rally.
The 2013 edition of Motor Bike Expo  confirms for the fifth year in a row the formula that turned this show into a successful event. “It is the result of a twenty-year experience – states Paola Somma who, together with Francesco Agnoletto, is the organizer and the creator of the Show – that led us to know motorcycling all over the world  and that let us today propose an abreast of the times and evolving event that follows the public desires”.
The numbers of January 2012 confirm the project effectiveness: almost 130.000 visitors (increasing from the previous year), 650 brands from all over the world, an indoor exhibition area of 73.000 square meters in seven halls and 35.000 square meters of outdoor areas dedicated to shows and exhibitions, an important parterre with the presence of the most important world Customizers bringing their still unknown creations. 
To be highlighted also the Fair international profile that is confirmed by the world media interest that dedicated to the Motor Bike Expo past edition large reportages on the printed paper, on the internet and on the television, and also the induced consumption that the event generates for the area and that brings a beneficial economic relapse on Verona and on the Veneto Region.
The public (as the exhibitors) will be able to reach the Fair Trade, that it is located at a short distance from the highway, comfortably, to make use of the wide parking areas that surrounds the entrances and to move through the halls and the outdoor areas having at disposal all the services and the comfort of a big Fair.
The menu will be as usual very rich, with the static exhibition in the indoor areas and divided into thematic areas.
So, space will be dedicated to the market novelties, thanks to the presence of the main producers and of the Custom Sector, Motor Bike Expo represents the most important appointment in Italy and one of the most important at an international level.

Also for 2013 the presence for the principal world griffe is confirmed, personage in between mechanic and art, who are able to translate their inspiration and their creativity in more and more exclusive, sophisticated, elegant realizations: pieces that make you really dream.

Motor Bike Travel, the Show for Tourism on 2 Wheels and ECO, the area dedicated to the use of green energy from renewable sources will not miss the appointment in Verona.

Promoters and sports organizers, teams and people belonging to the racing world will be present as well; many awards ceremonies of the 2012 championships will take place, first of all that one of the CIV, with the Italian high speed champions and the presentation of the 2013 trophies.

In the outdoor areas the agenda is full with no stop exhibitions, shows and demonstrations; the public will be also able to test the production novelties in the demo-ride areas set up by  producers.

The ticket cost is the same as last year (euro 16,00); as usual it will be possible to buy the ticket in advance online through Ticketone.

Motor Bike Expo -
18 - 20 January 2013
Veronafiere - Viale del Lavoro, 8 - 37135 Verona Italy
Ph. 045 8298111
Opening Hours: 9.00 – 19.00
Entrance Ticket: Euro 16,00 – Presale on

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