Friday, 28 September 2012

Now at Motorcycle Storehouse - Stock Replacement Rims

Now available at Motorcycle Storehouse - Stock Replacement Rims

The world does no longer rotate around the classic Side Valve, Knuckle, Pan, Shovel or even Evo anymore. Twin Cam is what rocks hard, you'd think anyway. Many aftermarket suppliers, and distributors alike, are concentrating on the latest and greatest bikes out there.

But the classic Harley's, that gave us so much fun and brought us all to where we are now, are not yet forgotten!  Motorcycle Storehouse always had, right from the start 30 years ago, an above average interest in the earlier models and, although never omitting the Twin Cams, that is a feat that continued to this day.

You could almost call it tradition. In this tradition Storehouse has brought back, as perfect reproduction of the original, the 40 spoke 3.0 inch wide rim with rubber side valve... Man, that brings back memories. They have added the same rim in 3.50 x 16, 4.00 x 16, 4.50 x 16 and 5.00 x 16 in chrome, and some in black. Available in rubber or metal side valve and even some in metal center valve. If you need to re-wheel your hog, you know where to go!

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