Saturday, 29 September 2012

Motorcycle Storehouse now has the Avon Pink Grips!

                      Avon Grips, Pink Grips!

More grips news from the men & women from England that provide you with a grip from motorsport to golf. The latest grips are... pink!

You'd almost stumble WTF, but these are designed for men that do not have any doubt about their manhood whatsoever, men that do or the color blind. Great for girly women too! In fact these pink grips, in Custom Contour or Air Cushioned black or chrome based for cable or electronic throttle H-D models, must have a surprisingly large market.
Some even whisper these are going to be the hottest selling set of grips on the market today. Maybe so, maybe not. If you are in for a set, contact your local Storehouse dealer.



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