Thursday, 27 September 2012

Easyriders - Cyclops Risers at Motorcycle Storehouse

Easyriders - Cyclops Risers


After years and years of riser design by just about anybody, this is new! Easyriders comes with the very best idea for the lowest, meanest & cleanest bolt-on set-up you can imagine. You just can't help to wonder why nobody else thought of this basic idea before.

Mounts directly to the top triple tree riser mount holes, with 3 1/2" spacing, like most H-D models have. Made from polished or black powdercoated duralumin, an aircraft quality aluminum alloy which gives a superior hardness and more than adequate strength.
Will take all 1" diameter handlebars. Talk to your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information on the coolest riser set-up ever!

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