Saturday, 21 July 2012

NEW S&S Power Tune Duals at Motorcycle Storehouse

S&S Power Tune Duals

Exhaust systems are an important piece of the cake when it comes to high performance. An engine needs to breath. Too much breathing, like with drag pipes, gives a high top-end but always results in a decrease in performance in the low and mid level RPM's. This is a loss in torque right there where you do you riding in regular circumstances, for street riding this sucks big time. The S&S Power Tune Duals are headpipes designed to look like classic independent duals, which will perform quite good in combination with a good muffler.

But the Power Tune Duals are no independent duals, the have a hidden crossover system which will up the torque levels in the lower and mid-range, just where you want them. So, if you are looking for a performance header system, complete with 220 degree heatshield coverage, knock on the door of your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer and ask for S&S Power Tune Duals. Available as 531802 (chrome) or 536042 (black ceramic) for 95-08 Tourings and 531803 (chrome) or 536043 (black ceramic) for 09-12 Touring models. Note that 09-12 headers come equipped with both 18mm and 12mm O2 sensor bungs to cover all applications. And, when you're at it, you may want to add some S&S Touring mufflers as well, unless you don´t care much about another couple of extra ponies.

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