Friday, 20 July 2012

Cobra Fi2000 Powrpro available at Motorcycle Storehouse

Cobra Fi2000 Powrpro

Sure, there are a massive amount of fuel adjustment devices around today, especially when it comes to adjusting the lean running fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This one here looks like The Holy Grail in fuel management. It is developed by Cobra and brought to us as the Fi2000 Powrpro. The system works radically different from any other system on the market today. All is made possible due to some innovative thinking and todays fast electronics. The results are beyond expectations.

How it works?

 A crankshaft turns round at a steady pace, when the engine is running, right? Wrong. There is a slight variation in crankshaft speed during rotation due to compression and firing of the fuel mixture, the crank accelerates and slows down a little. By measuring the amount of acceleration on the firing stroke, 80 times per second at any RPM, the amount of fuel that is injected is adjusted continuously to provide maximum crank acceleration. This provides the perfect amount of fuel since the best fuel / air ratio gives best power in any throttle setting. It works equally well with or without O2 sensor models. As long as the stock injectors and fuel pump keep up your engine is adjusted perfectly at any moment, at any flick of the wrist, at any speed, at any throttle opening and with any mild to wild engine modification. Dyno testing is no longer required. Street and dyno tested in Europe and is reported to work as claimed! Call your Motorcycle Storehouse Dealer for more information.

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