Tuesday, 31 July 2012

2013 Indian Chief Vintage Limited Edition

2013 Indian Chief Vintage Limited Edition

“The 2013 Indian Chief Vintage Limited Edition is a thing of beauty. Any way you look at it. Chock-full of Indian style and tradition, it’s a bike that turns heads, whether it’s parked or cruising down Main Street. From its classic two-tone paint scheme in Pearl White and Thunder Black to its chrome highway pegs, arrow-style shift rods, quick-detach passenger backrest and luggage rack, the Chief Vintage LE has more than enough to keep you from blending in.”

25 Augustus bij Leidsche Rijn Motoren Biker Party tbv BACA

                                     BACA bij LRM

25 Augustus bij Leidsche Rijn Motoren Biker Party tbv BACA

Victory’s new Boardwalk

Victory’s new Boardwalk

“All new in 2013, we took the style and attitude of every laid-back rider who loves a quick escape and built a bike around it. West Coast. East Coast. On any road on the planet that sweeps and curves along scenic terrain like it was created for riders, the Victory Boardwalk is your ride. It’s the classic-styled cruiser with “relaxed ride” in its DNA.”


Sunday, 29 July 2012

Nortons in the Sun

Nortons in the Sun

Two Norton 961 Commandos basking in the July sun over Donington Park today. Have a great weekend and ‘Good Luck’ to Team GB.

(Norton Motorcycles News)

Yamaha Custom Club Colombia ‘La Ruta del Sol’ Rally ‘12

Yamaha Custom Club Colombia ‘ La Ruta del Sol’  Rally ‘12

Data: 29 augustus 2012 – 9 september 2012 Santa Marta – Bogota, Colombia

YCC Colombia biedt met haar rally ‘La Ruta del Sol’ een mooie gelegenheid om nieuwe biker vrienden in Colombia en onder de Europese deelnemers te maken.

 De rally voert langs de noordkust van Colombia gelegen aan de Caribische zee met bezienswaardigheden zoals het ommuurde Cartagena, Santa Marta (de eerste stad in Colombia), Tayrona National Park en nog veel meer.

 Yamaha Custom Club Colombia heeft (gratis) motoren beschikbaar voor de Europese deelnemers. De rally wordt voor het grootste gedeelte gesponsord door o.a. Yamaha dealers enz., waardoor de werkelijke kosten (brandstof, logies enz.) voor de deelnemers laag zijn.

 Een retourticket met Avianca (prijsopgave 27 mei) kost ca. € 1.060,-- (heenreis op 27 augustus Amsterdam-Cartagena op en terugreis op 10 september Bogota-Amsterdam).
Nadere inlichtingen en aanmeldingen via: www.facebook.com/ycccolombia of info@yamahaccc.com.

(Yamaha Custom Club Colombia is lid van de Yamaha Custom Grupo Latinoamerica)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Black Handlebar Conversion Kit by Motorcycle Storehouse

MCS Black Handlebar Conversion Kit

If you have an issue with chrome, like getting allergic reactions to the eye blistering stuff, or worse, this is yours. This kit is complete, but stock switches must be re-used. Apart from the gone-is-chrome color this MCS 900557 kit will upgrade your cable operated clutch to a hydraulic clutch system, with no additional parts required. Easy to install and nothing more to wish. Fits 96-06 Softail, Touring 5-speeds and 96-05 Dyna 5-speed models. Give your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Foreign investments to boost Buell motorcycle production

Foreign investments to boost Buell motorcycle production

Erik Buell Racing LLC of East Troy will receive $20 million in new investments that will help the company expand production of EBR brand sport motorcycles and create about 200 new jobs.
Investment fund manager FirstPathway Partners LLC today announced it has committed $20 million in EB-5 investment funding to Buell.
The funding will allow EBR to design and produce additional models of street sport motorcycles and to significantly grow its international exports. EBR also will expand its facility.

“This investment in a growing American company is what the EB-5 program is all about,” said Bob Kraft, chairman, chief executive officer and founding partner of FirstPathway Partners. “EBR motorcycles are made in America and in great demand worldwide. This investment will create good manufacturing and engineering jobs in Wisconsin for skilled American workers and greatly strengthen a local company’s position in the global marketplace.”

The federal EB-5 program, put in place in 1990 through a bipartisan effort, allows foreign nationals seeking U.S. residency and citizenship to make financial investments and create jobs in select U.S. markets.

The seven-county southeastern Wisconsin region is one of the oldest Midwest investment areas for the EB-5 program, which has investors from Denmark, Brazil, China, South Korea, Hungary, Mexico, Russia and other nations worldwide.

Erik Buell, founder and owner of the company that bears his name, is pioneer in the world of racing motorcycle technology. A former Harley-Davidson Inc. engineer, he started a company – Buell Motorcycle Company, which later became a subsidiary of Harley-Davidson – in 1983.In 2009, Harley ended the Buell line to focus on its own brand.

Buell launched Erik Buell Racing later that year. The company produces high-end, limited-edition street motorcycles under the EBR brand, provides engineering design services, and also runs a race team sponsored by Hero MotoCorp and AMSOIL.

“EB-5 investment funding through FirstPathway Partners is a key part of the financing structure which will allow our company to expand its product line by developing and introducing a broad line of world-class street motorcycles at lower price points than our current products,” Buell said. “Our research shows a very strong global market for this kind of motorcycle, and this funding will allow motorcycles designed and assembled right here in East Troy to be used in China, India, Europe – all over the world. It’s a great boost not only for our company, but also for Wisconsin’s exports and American business as a whole.”

Erik Buell Racing will do all design, testing and assembly work in East Troy and plans to focus a substantial portion of its spending on Wisconsin, Midwest and American vendors, although many highly specialized motorcycle parts will be sourced overseas. The company anticipates exporting more than half of its products within three or four years.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to re-establish metro Milwaukee as the small engine capital of the world,” Kraft said. “The investment in EBR will create good jobs locally and spread the word globally about high-quality, American made products. EBR is the only American-made, high-performance sport motorcycle on the market – it competes, and competes very well, with companies like Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, Ducati and other racing icons. EB-5 investment funding will provide a big boost to this promising local company and strengthen the southeast Wisconsin region. We are honored to be part of this important initiative.”

Virago Star Owners Club Centre – 7 Celtic Dragons

Virago Star Owners Club Centre – 7 Celtic Dragons
3 augustus 2012 – 5 augustus 2012 Neath (South Wales), Engeland
Wales biedt de liefhebbers van rijden in de bergen volop de gelegenheid om deze liefhebberij in een prachtige omgeving uit te oefenen.

Als uitgangspunt voor de rally is voor het terrein van de Tonna Rugby Football Club, The Pavilion/Mount Pleasant, Neath SA11 3HX, Engeland gekozen.

Neath ligt (via de M4) ca. 426 km (4 uur 25 min) verwijderd van Dover.
Ga voor nadere inlichtingen en aanmeldingen naar www.vsoc-centre7.co.uk.

(Virago Star Owners Club is lid van de Yamaha Custom Group Europe)

MAG Europe News: Xtreme Machine by PM

MAG Europe news, enter the Xciting World of Xtreme Machine Wheels by PM

Supertrapp Road Legends Phantom II Pipe

Supertrapp offers new pipes

Road Legends Phantom II Pipe

Available for '07 & up Softails and '06 & up Dynas.   This curvy,baffled, black ceramic 2:1 is a hybrid of the original Phantom Pipe for Softails and the Baffled FLH Phantom Pipe following the lines of the original Phantom Pipe designed by Paul Yaffe.  The 4-piece stylized chrome-plated heat shields come pre-installed.  The Turned Up Claw End Tip features a domino dot-engraved decorative billet end cap that makes a bold statement without the drag pipe sound arrival.  The core and collector length is carried over from the 2009 FLH Phantom Pipe, but the primary head pipes and heat shields are styled after the Right Side Drive Phantom Pipe.  It features 2" primary pipes and a 3.5" collector.
The Phantom II Pipe provides a truly unprecedented look with a neighborhood-friendly sound.

True Duals & SuperTrapp & Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons

SuperTrapp True Duals are available for 85 & up FLH / FLT models.  Chrome version features full length chrome heat shields.  Full length black heat shields with chrome head pipes are brand new and available!  SuperTrapp True Duals are available with several SuperTrapp & Kerker  Slip-Ons such as:
-  SuperTrapp Stout 4" Slip-Ons     -  Kerker Stout 4" Slip-Ons
-  FatShots Slip-Ons                        -  Megaphone Series Slip-Ons
-  SE Series Slip-Ons                       -  Kerker Series Slip-Ons
-  Internal Disc Series Slip-Ons       -  Mean Mothers Slip-Ons

Thursday, 26 July 2012

New at Motorcycle Storehouse - West Coast Choppers Jesse James Cargo Pants

Motorcycle Storehouse - West Coast Choppers Jesse James Cargo Pants

If you're one of those that has never heard of Cargo Pants, you need to get your stuff together. Jesse James has them in his assortment so you know you can't go wrong.

Cargo Pants are casual fashion that does just fine as practical wear with a tough look in the real world of every day. The large pockets are large and give ample space for carrying any and all necessities for men or women. Available in black, green and in sizes ranging from S to XXXL. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call before the summer starts and you'll be all right.


MAG Europe News

MAG Europe News

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Klock Werks Kustom Cycles' Brian & Laura Klock are Inducted into Sturgis hall of Fame

Klock Werks Kustom Cycles' Brian & Laura Klock are Inducted into Sturgis Hall of Fame

Brian & Laura Klock: “Join Us As Laura and Brian Klock are Inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame

We would also like to invite you to join the Klock Werks team as Klock Werks own Laura and Brian Klock get inducted into the Sturgis Hall of Fame at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Hall of Fame Induction Breakfast on Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. at The Lodge in Deadwood, SD. Click Here to purchase your breakfast tickets or call the Museum at 605-347-2001. You can also call Al Bainbridge at our shop to see if any spots are available for purchase at our reserved tables.

To read more about Brian and Laura Klock, and the other inductees click www.kustomcycles.com  We hope to see you there!”

Saturday, 21 July 2012

NEW S&S Power Tune Duals at Motorcycle Storehouse

S&S Power Tune Duals

Exhaust systems are an important piece of the cake when it comes to high performance. An engine needs to breath. Too much breathing, like with drag pipes, gives a high top-end but always results in a decrease in performance in the low and mid level RPM's. This is a loss in torque right there where you do you riding in regular circumstances, for street riding this sucks big time. The S&S Power Tune Duals are headpipes designed to look like classic independent duals, which will perform quite good in combination with a good muffler.

But the Power Tune Duals are no independent duals, the have a hidden crossover system which will up the torque levels in the lower and mid-range, just where you want them. So, if you are looking for a performance header system, complete with 220 degree heatshield coverage, knock on the door of your local Motorcycle Storehouse dealer and ask for S&S Power Tune Duals. Available as 531802 (chrome) or 536042 (black ceramic) for 95-08 Tourings and 531803 (chrome) or 536043 (black ceramic) for 09-12 Touring models. Note that 09-12 headers come equipped with both 18mm and 12mm O2 sensor bungs to cover all applications. And, when you're at it, you may want to add some S&S Touring mufflers as well, unless you don´t care much about another couple of extra ponies.


Friday, 20 July 2012

Oproep ROTS voor Harleydag Tilburg 26 augustus 2012

Bericht van Rots

“Motor vrienden,

in navolging van 5 mei in Nieuwegein en 8 juli in Gouda, staat het volgende weer op het programma.
De afgelasting van een treffen in Tilburg was voor ons aanleiding om weer een beroep te doen op alle rijders van Nederland.

Ondanks alle goede berichten in de media omtrent de afgelopen evenementen die wel goed gegaan zijn er toch gemeenten die het nodig vinden om enkele af te gelasten.

Nu het openbaar ministerie ziet dat het totaal geen zin heeft om de afgelastingen door te zetten (vanwege de zoals altijd goede afloop in de diverse steden de afgelopen weken)  kwam er weer een nieuw offensief vanaf het OM. Verbied het dragen van colors en of vestjes in de binnenstad omdat de mensen zich geïntimideerd voelen. Waar al snel een antwoord retour kwam van de raad van Burgemeesters dat het OM dit zelf maar moest gaan doen.

De burgemeesters zien het natuurlijk ook dat zij een evenement aflasten en dat 5 km verderop er wel een vergunning wordt afgegeven en daar een superdag gedraaid wordt voor de gehele gemeenschap. De burgers komen en gaan en kijken hun ogen uit naar al de motoren en diversiteit aan mensen die op deze dagen langskomen, zij zullen dit niet snel zien op een Golf toernooi binnen hun gemeente grenzen.

Hoe men het blijft verkopen dat er betrouwbare informatie is binnen gekomen van mogelijke ongeregeldheden is voor velen een raadsel, en ik durf dan ook te zeggen dat dit een LEUGEN is. In de pers lezen we dan, de burgemeester heeft op advies van de politie het besluit genomen om het evenement niet door te laten gaan. Om redenen dat de politie uit betrouwbare bron vernomen heeft dat er de mogelijkheid bestaat er ongeregeldheden kunnen plaatsvinden. Maar spreek je de agenten erop aan dan hebben ze geen idee waarom het niet doorgaat, want er is in het verleden nooit iets gebeurd. Zij doen dit in opdracht van hun Burgemeester die deze verordening uitgeeft, en die doet dit weer op advies van Justitie of het OM. Die met deze hetze begonnen is. Dan hebben zij ook nog eens een spreekbuis in de media en kijk aan, het plaatje is compleet.

Wanneer Dhr. Gerlof Leistra van Elsevier teksten de wereld in gooit, wordt dit door vele media als waarheid opgenomen in hun medium, en wij lezen dit als zijnde de waarheid en geloven ook onze Burgervaders deze onzin en trekken ze op het laatste moment de stekker uit ONZE evenementen.

Wij van Rots-dhc nemen stelling tegen het demoniseren van een grote groep motorrijders ongeacht welke kleur, afkomst, rang, of stand.

Op 5 mei hebben we met een groot aantal rijders laten zien dat in Nederland een flink aantal rijders hebben kunnen mobiliseren, en naar blijkt moeten we dat nogmaals doen.

Op 8 Juli is episode 2 geweest met een zeer matige opkomst, mede door het slechte weer en te weinig tijd voor een grote opzet.

Beste Motorvrienden, laten we op 26 augustus zien dat we één zijn en rijd met ons mee naar Tilburg om daar een bakkie te doen. Ook hier kunnen wij niet meer organiseren dan afgelopen 5 mei, dus geen stands, bands of beer.

Volg onze berichten op het internet en kom in grote getale zoals op 5 mei. Geef dit bericht door aan alles wat rijdt en deel deze info op heel het internet.”

Biker Grtz,

Cobra Fi2000 Powrpro available at Motorcycle Storehouse

Cobra Fi2000 Powrpro

Sure, there are a massive amount of fuel adjustment devices around today, especially when it comes to adjusting the lean running fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle. This one here looks like The Holy Grail in fuel management. It is developed by Cobra and brought to us as the Fi2000 Powrpro. The system works radically different from any other system on the market today. All is made possible due to some innovative thinking and todays fast electronics. The results are beyond expectations.

How it works?

 A crankshaft turns round at a steady pace, when the engine is running, right? Wrong. There is a slight variation in crankshaft speed during rotation due to compression and firing of the fuel mixture, the crank accelerates and slows down a little. By measuring the amount of acceleration on the firing stroke, 80 times per second at any RPM, the amount of fuel that is injected is adjusted continuously to provide maximum crank acceleration. This provides the perfect amount of fuel since the best fuel / air ratio gives best power in any throttle setting. It works equally well with or without O2 sensor models. As long as the stock injectors and fuel pump keep up your engine is adjusted perfectly at any moment, at any flick of the wrist, at any speed, at any throttle opening and with any mild to wild engine modification. Dyno testing is no longer required. Street and dyno tested in Europe and is reported to work as claimed! Call your Motorcycle Storehouse Dealer for more information.

Thursday, 19 July 2012



Zodiac International has become the latest European Distributor and parts designer/manufacturer to sign-up to exhibit at the all-new Big Bike Europe expo at Essen in Germany in May 2013.

Established in Europe in 1984 by Ton Pels, Zodiac distributes to over 50 countries worldwide from its 5,000 sq m (50,000 sq ft) distribution centre at Mijdrecht in The Netherlands. The company’s multi-lingual sales team includes country managers in UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Hungary, with their 1,400 page plus annual ‘Biker’s Book’ parts and accessories catalogue produced in five languages. At any one time at least 30,000 different products are carried in inventory by Zodiac, from hundreds of vendors worldwide, including many of the best selling Harley-Davidson aftermarket and custom v-twin performance, tuning and custom product lines from the United States. Commenting on the decision to take part in Big Bike Europe Ton Pels said that “we have an established track record of backing interesting expo projects around Europe, projects that allow us to get closer to our international dealers and their customers.  

“However Big Bike Europe breaks new ground – we like the fact that it will be a non-retail expo focussed 100 percent on how motorcycles look, handle and perform. On an international basis we think that this is a valuable new approach for the market in changed times”.

Big Bike Europe is being described by AMD Magazine owner Robin Bradley as an “international headquarters expo for the parts, accessories, custom, performance, tuning, service and workshop market in Europe” and will be staged in a self-contained 10,000 sq m (100,000 sq ft) state-of-the art three-hall expo complex at the Essen Expo Centre in central Germany.

One of Europe’s leading exhibition venues, Essen lies at the heart of Europe’s large displacement rider community. According to research conducted by respected European motorcycle industry trade journal International Dealer News at least two-thirds of Europe’s 500 cc plus riders and the dealers they buy from, including Harley-Davidsons and Harley dealerships, are said to be within a three hour ride of Essen.

With some 18m consumers within a 100km radius, the Essen area itself is said to boast among the highest levels of large displacement motorcycle ownership per head of population of anywhere in the world.

Essen has excellent road and rail links to the rest of Europe, is served by regular shuttle buses from Düsseldorf airport (25 km away), and offers exhibitors and show visitors access to a wide range and large number of accommodation options at price points to suit all budgets.

Big Bike Europe will be the new host event for the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building and the International Motorcycle Industry Conference, with a three day formula that sees invited Trade/Dealer and VIP Visitor only attendance on Friday May 10th.

Dealers will be invited to attend by exhibitors, in conjunction with AMD Magazine and International Dealer News, and once registered will have access to a package of VIP Visitor privileges for their best customers to attend the show for all three days on a VIP Visitor ‘shop-ride-scheme’ basis.

Big Bike Europe will be open to general rider, enthusiast and public admission on Saturday May 11th and Sunday May 12th, with a range of discounted advance ticket purchase options available online later this year.

More information available at www.bigbikeeurope.com and www.zodiac.nl

Nieuw bij HOCO Parts: Gilles RGK-2

Nieuw bij HOCO Parts: Gilles RGK-2

Gilles Tooling heeft een nieuw verstelbaar voetsteun systeem ontwikkelt, de RGK-2.

Eenvoudig, doeltreffend en is 360 graden instelbaar.

De nieuwe RGK-2 van Gilles Tooling is de basis van een uniek, modulair systeem om op een eenvoudige wijze de positie van de voetsteunen aan te passen. Ultra sportief of juist erg tour gericht, het is allemaal mogelijk.

Deze basis bestaat uit een voetsteun en een geanodiseerd scharnier, de RGK-2. Dit kan uitgebreid worden met een 10 mm verbreding (zie foto 1) en/of een verhoging/verlaging van 20, 30/40 mm(zie foto2). De voetsteun is 360 graden verstelbaar op 24 posities! De afwerking is wat we mogen verwachten van Gilles Tooling, en geeft extra grip. De set is leverbaar in de kleuren goud, zwart en zilver.

Een basis kit (RGK-2 + voetsteun) is verkrijgbaar vanaf € 106,50 inclusief 19% BTW. Gilles Tooling producten zijn leverbaar via alle Hoco Parts dealers. Meer dealerinformatie vindt u op www.hocoparts.com.

Check ook www.facebook.com/hocopartsnews, de Facebook pagina van Hoco Parts. ‘Like’ deze pagina en blijf op de hoogte van het laatste nieuws!