Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Marcus Walz' Yamaha TMAX Scooter

Taking scooters to the Max…and beyond

Last year Yamaha challenged three of the world’s best custom bike builders to transform the VMAX into something unique that reflects their own individual style – this year the task is even harder. After enjoying the challenge so much last year, these three visionaries of motorcycle customisation have each approached Yamaha and asked for the chance to break new ground in 2012. This year will see them Hyper Modify the Yamaha TMAX and push the boundaries of what riders expect from a maxi-scooter.

 As with the Hyper Modified VMAX, the custom builders who get to put their own unique stamp on the TMAX are Californian wild man Roland Sands, French creative genius Ludovic Lazareth and hardcore German customiser Marcus Walz. With Sands and Lazareth still hard at work stripping down the standard TMAX and shaping their new creations from its bare bones, Marcus Walz is now ready to unveil his vision of the TMAX.

Known for his aggressively styled machines with lowered suspension and radical lines, Walz’s focus was to create a bike that looks powerful and intimidating without losing its ability to perform on the road. The results speak for themselves as he reveals his radical Hyper Modified TMAX.

“With the Hyper Modified TMAX I have tried to keep the bike very clear and recognisable as a TMAX, I didn’t want to create a spaceship out of it!” Said Walz. “I concentrated on keeping the stock lines and optimising every detail while reducing the bike’s weight.”

“I have also modified the handlebar area of the bike to give it a radical naked bike image and mounted the mirrors on the end of the bars to give it the impression of a café racer when in town.”

Lazareth and Sands, who will be presenting their creations in the summer and autumn months respectively, have now discovered just how hard their task will be to match Walz’s TMAX…

(Source: Yamaha)

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