Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Galvania Helmets now available at Xtreme Wear in Holland

                                              GALVANIA HELMETS

 You want a special helmet that has European Approval Europe. Available with special designs and also self-designed airbrush designs, to make sure that your style or what you stand for gets noticed. This is the one you want. The Galvania helmet.

The Galvania helmet is an approved helmet with an ABS plastic shell. (comes with a certificate of approval, Europe E14 ECE R 22.05). The ABS-plastic material is made in a special process, after which it’s possible to be galvanized by Galvania. After this process real metals such as zinc, chromium and nickel or copper can be applied. Of course you can also  buy a plain Galvania helmet, available in any color.

Make the helmet shine by polishing it, or just let the weather do its job and a natural oxidation will take place on the metal finish of the helmet. The ECE R 22.05 inspection makes sure this Galvania helmet has a perfect fit and protection. The Galvania helmet comes with Multi Functional parts to fit any size.

Please note that the Galvania helmet has been tested for fit as it is, modifying anything is at your own risk.

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