Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Yamaha Custom Club Sweden International Rally 2012

Yamaha Custom Club Sweden International Rally 

June 7th 2012 –  June 9th 2012 Lundegård (Köpingsvik), Sweden

Every year in the second week of June, the Yamaha Custom Group Europe organizes an  international rally for Yamaha cruisers and V-twin engine Yamaha motorcycles. The organization of this rally is done by one one of the YCG Europe members.

The Yamaha Custom Club Sweden will be your host this year. The rally site is situated  on Lund Farm Camping, Köpingsvik, Öland. Cabins are available and will cost you a little extra.

Check the website http://www.yccsweden.se/index.php/int-traeffar. for more information

The international YCG Europe rally 2013 will be in Finland.

(Yamaha Custom Club Sweden is member of the Yamaha Custom Group Europe)

(Source: Yamaha)

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