Sunday, 22 April 2012

Paughco Brass intake housing for S&S Super E/G

Paughco Brass intake housing for S&S Super E/G

The old Linkert style intake housing are possibly one of the hottest intakes available. Not just because of their looks but because of their heritage and slim, smooth lines. Originally used on Linkert carburetors, in the days that aircleaners were not yet invented. Even today these Paughco intakes remain true to the original design, meaning there is no filter element and none is available.Installing a filtering system would make it seriously uncapable of delivering the amounts of air required. After the ribbed and smooth chrome plated version Paughco now introduced the solid brass intake housing that will fit S&S Super E & G carburetors on engines with a bottom vent (902933) or 92-07 head vent (902934) system. This is so cool you could start to think about wanting to have one, no matter the missing filter element! Call your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer for more information.

Solid Brass!

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