Saturday, 21 April 2012

Motorcycle Storehouse interactive on-line catalog

Motorcycle Storehouse interactive on-line catalog

On-line catalogs are a nice thing, if the were only searchable, like a PDF document, and clickable with website like navigation. Low and behold! Your on-line catalog dreams have come true!

Motorcycle Storehouse announces the first interactive on-line catalog in the whole aftermarket Harley-Davidson industry. It is, just like their printed version, almost 1600 pages thick and contains 44.000 parts. It is searchable, just like a PDF document, which is a great tool, but there is more. Go to the main chapter index, and click... your at the beginning of the chapter of choice. Click on anything in the extremely large word index and you will go to the product of choice, on the correct page. Even better, click on any of the part numbers mentioned in the catalog, whoosh... a new page will open and you'll find you connected to the Motorcycle Storehouse database. It will show you a brief product description, up to 3 product pictures and, something the catalog cannot, give you up to date price and availability. How about that!?
If you have something that is of special interest to you, you may bookmark those pages. No matter what you use, computer, smartphone or tablet, they will all work. Looks to me that Storehouse is ready for the future.

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