Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Roland Sands Clarity products at Motorcycle Storehouse

Roland Sands Clarity Products

A clear & transparent view into your bike is now feasible for your bike. Roland Sands came up with the idea to use a combination of clear polycarbonate in combination with CNC machined aluminum. Aluminum works well on a bike and polycarbonate is known to be extremely strong and impact resistant, it is used in some of the stronger sun & safety glasses and the better windshields.

Air cleaner kits will reveal the secrets of the intake track, gear covers will give you a look at the internals of the engine and derby covers will let everybody see your clutch in action.

Parts are available in a Chrome, Contrast Cut or Black Ops finish. Give your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer a call for more information on how to deal with your exhibitionistic issues.

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