Thursday, 29 March 2012

Rivera Primo’s newest product line METAL MATRIX EXTREME

Rivera Primo’s newest product line METAL MATRIX EXTREME

If you wanted to lower the weight of your touring bike without sacrificing performance or safety and enhance your braking capability by a wide margin, who would you go to for the solution?

America’s new brake experts, Rivera Primo Inc.® are here for you with the answers and the solutions!

Rivera Primo’s® newest product line to hit the pavement is aptly named METAL MATRIX EXTREME™. Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, they combined the low weight of aluminum with the incredible durability of ceramics and ended up with a rotor that is only 5% heavier than aluminum and 60% lighter than stainless steel. In simpler terms, the MMX™ rotors are very dimensionally stabile when subjected to the high operating temperatures seen when you grab a bunch of brake! The high heat dissapation of the MMX™ material draws heat away quickly from the braking surface, thereby reducing brake fade. This gives you more stopping power with less effort. In fact, the brakes are so reliable that we have bequeathed a limited lifetime warranty on our MMX™ rotor blades. Just think, no more warped rotors seizing up and destroying your expensive, high end calipers!

What Do They Fit?

We have kits for every Touring bike from 2000 to present with complete kits to refit front and rear or for those who want to save some money but still want the braking power of Metakl Matrix Extreme™, we also have kits that cover either the front OR rear of your Touring model. The complete kits are part number 1036-0900  which fits all Harley® Touring Models 2000 to 2007, and the 1036-0901 complete kit fits all Harley® Touring Models 2008 & later. Each of the complete kits include 2 front full floating rotors with polished rotor carrier and black carrier buttons, 1 rear full floating rotor with polished rotor carrier and black carrier buttons and 3 sets of our proprietary Patriot™ Pads made explicitly for metal matrix rotors . And even better, every one of these quality Rivera Primo® components are lead-free  and made in the United States of America. See if the competition can make that claim!

mmx rotor

Also available are kits for front brakes only 1036-0902 & 1036-0904 (2 MMX rotors and two sets of Patriot Pads) and rear brakes only 1036-0903 & 1036-0905 (1 MMX rotor and 1 set Patriot Pads).

Because our Patriot™ Pads work so much better then stock pads and most aftermarket pads on stainlewss steel rotors as welll as metal matrix rotors, we are also offering Patriot™ Pads by them selves for a variety of different applications. So, if you have a late model Touring bike or Softail® with the stock stainless steel rotors, try our Patriot™ Pads and you will see the difference. You will absolutely love the stopping power over the stock pads as well as many aftermarket pads. And remember, Patriot™ Pads are made in the U.S.A!!

 And Thats Not All...
The Patriot Pads were tested side by side with the best in the industry and guess what. Our Patriot pads beat 'em all. The Patriot Pad stopped quicker, faster and definitely cheaper and once again brothers and sisters, they're all made right here in the good old  U.S of A.

The rotors come with black buttons, or as an option we also have gold, silver, and blue buttons for paint scheme matching.

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