Tuesday, 6 March 2012

PM Vision Headlights

Everything is Illuminated–Lighting the Way with PM Vision Headlights

Some parts beg to be seen. Some help you see. In some cases, such as the new Performance Machine Vision Headlights, you have a marriage of the two; as beautiful artisan crafting meets essential function, the results are a lamp so eye-catching, you might find yourself imitating a deer in the headlights. These headlights employ a diamond reflector lens over the latest in halogen to ensure your future shines bright, and are available in five styles and three finishes. The styles that are bursting onto the headlight scene are the Crossbar, Merc, Grill, Apex and Clean, each one offering statement-making style with classic Performance Machine engineering.
Merc Contrast Cut – Engraved rings circling lamp provide a retro attitude and add some depth.
Apex Black Ops – Machined-out detailing circling the lamp mimics a sunburst, in both looks and function.
Grill Chrome – Unapologetically industrial, but surprisingly versatile, depending on the finish.

Crossbar Chrome – Brilliantly bold, yet simply sophisticated

These luxe lamps are available in chrome, Contrast Cut and Black Ops finishes, and retail for $449.95. For further illumination, visit us at www.performancemachine.com.

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