Thursday, 29 March 2012

Phase 7 L.E.D Headlight and Passing Lamps from Küryakyn

NEW! Phase 7 L.E.D Headlight and Passing Lamps from Küryakyn

L.E.D Headlight and Passing Lights

Kuryakyn Has teamed up with Truck-Lite to bring you, without question the best performing L.E.D forward lighting products Available, The Phase 7 Headlight and Passing lights provide another leap forward; 

* Complex Reflector design provides unmatched performance while providing the appearance of a traditional headlamp.
* Passing lamp's complex reflector complements the look of the headlamp.
* Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses with chemical & scratch resistant non-yellowing coating.
* Low beam current draw 1.5 amps (stock halogen is 4.9 amps)
* High beam current draw 2.3 amps (stock halogen is 5.5 amps)
* Passing lamps (pr) current draw 1.4 amps
(stock halogen (pr) 4.0 amps)
* Meets applicable DOT, FMVSS or SAE requirements - 3-year warranty on headlamp & passing lamps. 

Fitments 7" 
K2249 - Fits Electra Glides, Street Glides,Road Kings FLST Models with 7" Headlight and Dyna Switchback, All Yamaha Roadstar Models* with 7" Headlight Housing with H4 headlamp Plug.

 Fitments 4-1/2"
  K2247- Fits  2005-2012 Harley Davidson Models with 4-1/2" Passing Lights**

*   Except Warrior
** Can be used on 2004 or earlier models but requires separate purchase of two Harley Davidson adapter harnesses (68355-05)

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