Saturday, 17 March 2012

Motorcycle Storehouse adds Fehling handlebars

Motorcycle Storehouse adds Fehling handlebars  

Motorcycle Storehouse is proud to announce that they have added the complete line of Fehling handlebars to their stock. For those oblivious to the Fehling product name... this is a company well known within the motorcycle industry for highest quality handlebars for over half a century! Each and every product is, from beginning to end, German engineered and fabricated to the strictest tolerances.

Today's production includes the use of full automatic computerized bending machines, ensuring the perfect bend, time after time. Highly motivated skilled personnel will enforce quality controls as a standard procedure during production. This ensures irregular and unexplainable deviations in dimensions, as commonly found with other manufacturers, do not exist.

Polishing, nickel and chrome plating, or powder coating, are all done in-house to insure the highest obtainable quality in every finish supplied. Fehling is DIN & ISO 9001 certified and virtually all products are supplied with TÜV approval. Contact your Motorcycle Storehouse dealer 'if you’re are ready for some quality bars!'

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