Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Again over 80.000 riders on the streets in France

The Federation of European Motorcyclists' Associations

March 27, 2012

Again over 80.000 riders on the streets in France

Last weekend French FEMA member FFMC raised its voice and called "for a different road safety policy". On Saturday, April 24, 70.000 riders protested all over France followed by 15.000 riders on Sunday in Paris. In view of the presidential elections FFMC delegations visited the offices of the main candidates to hand over the FFMC manifesto.

15.000 riders in the streets of Paris. Picture: G. Mathieu/MotoMag

FFMC opposes the current road safety approach of the French government which is based on prosecution and compulsory measures.

No to the brassard
French riders feel stigmatized by a new law that will come into force in January 2013. It obliges the users of motorcycles with an engine displacement of 125 cc or bigger to wear 150cm² of reflective material. The government promotes the wearing of reflective armbands to meet the new requirement. The fine for non-compliance is set at €68 and the loss of 2 points (out of a 12 point license Scheme) - the same as for a dangerous offense. More details:,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=275&cntnt01returnid=57

Against blind repression
FFMC criticises the enlargement of motorcycle licence plates which obviously facilitating the tracking and fining of motorcyclists, yet will have virtually no foreseeable effect on safety, since as everywhere else, most bike accidents happen at low speed and are caused by car drivers.

 Riders are voters
FFMC is taking advantage of the upcoming presidential elections and presents its manifest to all relevant candidates.

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