Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TomTom Warns Users in France About Not Using GPS Radar Data

France: TomTom Warns Users About Not Using GPS Radar Data

After the new law came into effect in France, disallowing GPS devices to show their owners where the radars are located (link ), Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom  issued an email warning to all its users that they are NOT allowed to use the stand-alone GPS devices "as is".

In the email, TomTom  warns its car and motorcycle device users that it is now against the law to show the exact location of a radar in France. They have issued instructions on how to delete the radar location database, and how to disable radar alerts.

Getting caught riding with a GPS with radar locations will be punished with a €135 fine.

As previously mention, though illegal, smartphones are not allowed to be inspected by the police, since it's an invasion of privacy, but TomTom has said in the email that at the next software update, this function will disappear from your GPS.

It's a sad state of affairs when the governments are so strapped for cash that  they have to resort to these kind of underhand tactics to get you to cough up money. And if you think France is the only country, rest assured, they are not. Switzerland was one of the first, and Spain was one of the last to outlaw GPS warning systems.

WARNING. This law also applies to foreigners riding through France. Even if your motorcycle is registered abroad, you are not allowed to use the service!

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