Monday, 23 January 2012

Hell’s Angels, 1965 Photo's LIFE Magazine

Hell’s Angels, 1965

LIFE has just released a number of photographs taken by LIFE photographer Bill Ray back in 1965. Ray and writer Joe Bride spent several weeks photo-documenting the Hell’s Angels, photographs which were never published until now.

(Photo LIFE)
The pictures are like a time machine, taking us back to 1965, when the term ‘outlaw’ referred more to being unconventional or rebellious than ‘outside the law’. It’s worth linking over there to have a look at some great pictures. The whole scene, the choppers from that area, it's just great to see. It's history, a time when choppers were real choppers, and riding them was a way of life. Bill Ray captured the spirit and  made these famous pictures, most of them in black and white. See them, you'll love them!

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