Thursday, 12 January 2012

FPS Racing Radiator Performance

Oil Cooler Applications and Benefits: 
-  Dual Sport: Ride with confidence at low or high speeds
-  Flat-Track: Increase reliability on high-speed straights and 30-lap Mains
- Off-Road / Enduro:  Finishing in the heat of competition counts first
- Motocross:  Focus on winning.  Forget failed engine DNF's
Oil Cooler Performance:
-  High efficiency core assumes optimum cooling
-  Reduce oil temperatures up to 35°F
   (varies depending on air flow, oil and air temperatures)
-  Cooler oil extends the life of all internal engine components
-  Compact design is lightweight and easy to mount

Oil Cooler Durability:
-  Tested in various off-road racing conditions
-  CNC machined billet adaptors and fittings
-  Furnace-brazed heat exchanger is designed to withstand off-road abuse
-  Flexible, user-friendly, high temperature, hydraulic hoses
-  Stainless Steel self-compensating hose clamps

Visit for high performance radiators, oil coolers and accessories for off-road dirt bike, ATV and UTV applications. 

Direct ordering is available on the website! 

Or, you can call or e-mail us to place your order!

P:  216-265-8400
 FPS Racing Support Forum

FPS Racing, formerly Fluidyne Power Sports, Inc. of San Bernardino, CA, is now owned by SuperTrapp Industries of Cleveland, OH.  FPS Racing carries a full line of off-road dirt bike, ATV and UTV high performance radiators and oil coolers.  SuperTrapp is also a proud manufacturer of  off-road performance exhausts.

More info Radiator Performance:                                  
-  Reduce engine temperatures up to 30%
-  Significant increase in fluid capacity
-  High efficiency, brazed aluminum cores
-  Direct fitment design

Radiator Durability:
-  Double the strength of OEM parts
-  TIG-welded to maximize strength

Radiator Selection and Price:
-  FPS Racing price is less than most OEMs
-  Off the shelf availability

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