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Nansulate Cool Ride Technology

Nansulate® Cool Ride Technology

                   Put the Frost on Your Exhaust!

Our newly patented Cool Ride Technology is a one-of-a-kind protective coating that can be easily applied to motorized vehicles of any kind to reduce the surface temperature of exhaust pipes and lower the risk associated with skin contact. Whether you're protecting yourself, your passengers, or safe guarding your child's new motorized vehicle, you can be sure that Nansulate® Cool Ride will drastically improve the safety of your bike, and reduce the likelihood of a serious burn. Use it on the back end exhaust pipe, or on the forward feeding lines to make sure to avoid an unwanted accident that could result in a bad burn, trip to the emergency room, or even worse, long lasting scars and plastic surgery. Through our Cool Ride brand, we are committed to providing a quality product that will make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Engineered at the Nano-Scale, our patented formula is a safe, easy-to-apply insulation that can be used to prevent the next serious exhaust burn accident.

A new safety coating product that aims to reduce surface temperatures of hot exhausts on motorcycles, motorbikes, ATVs, and sport bikes made its debut at EICMA last month. Naples, Fla.-based Industrial Nanotech, Inc., was showing its Nansulate Cool Ride line of high-tech insulation, energy-saving, and protective coatings.

The new product is described as an easy-to-apply clear liquid insulation that reduces heat conduction, provides a thermal insulation barrier, and lowers the surface temperature of hot exhaust pipes on motorcycles and other riding equipment. Details are at The company points to studies published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health showing that motorcycle exhaust burn injuries are a global issue.

"The statistics for motorcycle exhaust burn injuries among both adults and children show the severity of this avoidable issue," says Francesca Crolley, VP business development for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. "Our technology has been used extensively in industrial and commercial sectors to reduce the temperature of hot pipes and heat process equipment for employee safety, and to reduce hot handrail surface temperatures that heat up in direct sunlight, so it made perfect sense to extend our solutions to the motorcycle, motorbike, and ATV markets for burn prevention. The holiday season is when many of these vehicles are purchased for children as well as adults, so the timing was right to include a companion safety coating as a vital accessory to these bikes as a burn preventative."

Facts & Information

Burn Rubber not Your Body!
The majority (70%) of exhaust burn victims are on average younger than 25.
Burns from motorized vehicles are two times higher for children than for adults.
Most (52%) of burns occur in late spring/early summer during peak riding seasons.
Just as many passengers are burned as riders.
The majority (69%) of passenger burns are female.
Many burns happen while motorized vehicle is not in motion.
Mostly burns effect the hands or the right leg below the knee.
Most burns are at least 2nd degree.
Some burns are 3rd degree and require surgery.
Some of these burns will require plastic surgery.
Severe burns scar and will never fully disappear.
Burns often cause infections which can require hospitalization.
It can take several weeks to months for a severe burn to heal.
Severe burns will on average cost 3.5 hospital visits.
A Google search on "Motorcycle Burns" returns 12,800,000 results.
Nansulate® Cool Ride can drastically reduce the risk of burn.
There is no other product on the market like Nansulate® Cool Ride. **

How it Works

How it Works: The Science Behind Safe
Nansulate® Cool Ride is engineered at the nano-scale to specifically insulate metals (and other materials including plastic) extremely well. The coating reduces heat conduction, acting as a barrier against heat, and is also extremely hydrophobic (water resistant) to provide extra benefits such as rust protect in addition to heat insulation. There is no other product on the market that can do what Cool Ride Technology will.

Easy Application

Our water-based nano formula easily applies onto exhaust pipes using a typical paint sprayer, roller, brush, or applicator. The bike must be turned off and the exhaust pipes cooled to room temperature before application process begins. Once bike is off and cooled, lightly apply the Cool Ride solution over the area of pipe selected for cooling, thoroughly covering the area. Once covered with a coat, let it cure in a dry environment without turning the motor on at any point until finished. Repeating this process multiple times will give you the most benefit of an extremely cool exhaust. Review the application instructions for full details on recommended coverage (number of coats) and application method.

How Much Will It Reduce the Temperature?

You can use a certain number of coats to reach a desired temperature drop. The application can be tailored to your equipment needs. For example, a 350F surface can be reduced to a 140F (OSHA safe touch level) - a 60% reduction; And a 250F surface can be reduced to the same 140F temperature with the recommended application - a 44% reduction. Review our Temperature Gradient Chart to see how many coats to use.

How Long Will Nansulate® Cool Ride Last?

Product lasts between 5-10 years, depending upon wear and environment.


Cool Ride Technology Rules
Nansulate® Cool Ride will work on any surfaces that reach a maximum of 400 (204). The temperature extremes to which the material can be applied are 40 to 210 (4 to 99). It is recommended that each coat be allowed to dry for 1-2 hours before applying an additional coat; the surface should be dry to touch and non-tacky. If a surface is brought above 212F (100C) too soon after application and before the product is allowed to cure, blistering may occur. Always use this product in accordance with the specifications for most effective results. **

It Will Work on Virtually Anything

You'll be able to use this product on virtually any motorized vehicle you have with exhaust pipes. We've developed Cool Ride with Motocross, ATV, Sport, Mobile Transport Motorcycles, Scooters, and Kids Mini and Pee Wee bikes in mind.

More info:
Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
1925 Trade Center Way
Suite 1
Naples, FL 34109

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