Monday, 5 December 2011

Lick’s Cycles Westcoast T-bar

Lick’s Cycles Westcoast T-bar - 8" or 10" - Available in Chrome or Black

Features of your Westcoast T-bars
Top Crossbar:
Ø 1-1/4" tapered down to 1"diameter steel tubing. (Fits conventional controls)
Ø Dimpled with 5/8" Holes Drilled for internal wiring.
Ø Cross width is 28" across and pullback is 2 1/2".
Ø Your Wrist angle will be at a 16 degree angle Cross bar is welded to sit flat on a 28 degree rake

Ø 3 1/2" spacing between risers. (Fits conventional top triple tree clamps)
Ø Bottom of the risers have custom designed cupped bungs to fit flush over the bushing.
Ø 5/8" holes at the bottom for internal wiring.

Ø Risers are 8" or 10" tall depending on the bar you choose and the top cross bar is then welded on top of riser tubes

Westcoast T-bars: $ 194,99
Delivery Notice- All Westcoast T-bars take two weeks for delivery.
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