Wednesday, 7 December 2011

LA Choppers handlebars at Barons Custom

New LA Choppers handlebars available through Barons Custom

Check them out at
Description: Prime Ape

A stellar custom bar itching to hit the streets! Fits most models with one piece top clamps. Fits perfectly on Softails, Road Kings and Road Glides.
•Accommodates both electronic and cable throttles
•Drilled for internal wiring
•Gloss Black Powdercoat
•Made in the USA
•13" H, 7" PB, 39" W
Description: Nice Curves

•LA Choppers Nice Curves are a welcomed change in design to the two most popular sizes of traditional ape hangers.
•Available in 1" or 1.25 bar thicknesses in both chrome and black powder coat
•Height: 12" or 16" Width: 32" Center width: 8.5" Pullback: 7"

Description: FL Ape Hanger

•LA Choppers FL Ape Hangers are specially designed for "batwing" fairings providing unique low-profile bends that provide proper clearances without sacrificing the look of traditional Ape Hangers
•These bars are made specifically for 2008+ Harley-Davidson Touring models utilizing Throttle-by-wire (TBW)
•For Non-TBW models, click here
•Available in 10",12", 14", 16", 18", and 20" rises
•Bars measure 40.5" Wide, 14" Center Width, with 10" Pullback

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