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Nieuwe datum 18 en 19 december 2021.

Vandaag is het lastige besluit genomen om de komende Central Classics beurs 2020 te cancelen. Aan de corona-maatregelen wordt voldaan, de hallen zijn goed gevuld met een gevarieerd aanbod, maar er worden te weinig tickets verkocht.

De start van de ticketverkoop vanaf 23 oktober was veelbelovend, daarna zakte de ticketverkoop in. Al met al is er in deze rare tijd blijkbaar niet genoeg vraag naar een beurs. Niet door laten gaan van Central Classics is dan de enige mogelijkheid. Nu de beurs niet door gaat worden binnen enkele dagen de bedragen van gekochte tickets geheel teruggestort. De kopers zijn hierover inmiddels geïnformeerd.

En wat brengt 2021? Eind juni 2021 wordt bekeken wat de corona-verwachting voor december zal zijn, en wat dat inhoudt voor het organiseren van de volgende Central Classics op 18 en 19 december 2021. Vanaf dat moment staat op op deze site weer de up-to-date informatie.

Ik hoop iedereen in december 2021 weer op de beurs te zien en wens u gezonde en prettige Decemberdagen toe.

Met vriendelijke groet, Titus Nietsch, Organisator

Thursday, 3 December 2020

Ducati presents the new Monster

 Light, compact, essential and fun: 

Ducati presents the new Monster

All the essence of the Monster in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible

The mission of the Monster: to have fun thanks to the 111 hp of the Testastretta 11° engine and 166 kg of dry weight

The sports naked suitable for all those who want a technological and easy to ride bike

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 2 December 2020 - The Ducati World Première web series has come to an end with the fifth and final episode in which the Borgo Panigale motorcycle manufacturer unveiled the new Monster. A motorcycle that marked the history of Ducati like few others. It is the best-selling model ever: more than 350,000 have been produced since its presentation.

The new Monster represents all the essence of Ducati in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible. You can already guess it from the name: Monster, nothing else.

The recipe is the original 1993 one: a sporty engine, but perfect for road use, combined with a Superbike-derived frame. All that you need to have fun, every day.

The new Monster is based on the same concepts that bind it to the unforgettable Monster 900, the first, true sports naked, but reinterpreted and updated. The result is a bike with an advanced, easy and efficient chassis, capable of immediately establishing the perfect feeling with the rider. The riding position is less loaded on the wrists and the engine offers an excellent balance between power, torque and ease of handling.

To create the new Monster, the engineers and designers started from scratch, but with a clear idea of the key points around which the new bike was to be built. Lean and agile, the bike incorporates the guidelines and the DNA of each Monster that make it immediately recognizable: fuel tank shaped like a “bison back”, “shoulder-embedded” round headlight, clean tail and engine at the centre of the scene. The language, however, is new and modern. The shapes have evolved in a direction in which essentiality and technology are enhanced by design, as in the circular profile of the front LED headlight and in the “sweeping” direction indicators.

The new Monster is sporty and fun.

The Monster is powered by the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine, with desmodromic distribution and Euro 5 homologation. Compared to the previous 821 it increases in displacement, power, torque and decreases in weight (-2.4 kg) to contribute to the lightness of the bike and offer better rideability. It now delivers 111 hp at 9,250 rpm with maximum torque of 9.5 Nm delivered at just 6,500 rpm, proving to be efficient and reactive in throttle response. Thanks to the increased displacement, the torque is improved at all revs, particularly in the medium-low range, most used on the road and between curves. This guarantees thrilling performance as well as riding ease and pleasure, also supported by the new gearbox and the Ducati Quick Shift Up / Down fitted as standard. The Monster is also available in a 35-kW version, suitable for A2 license holders.

The new Monster is light.

To ensure maximum fun, great attention was paid to weight reduction in the creation of the new Monster. Chassis, accessory elements and superstructures have been redesigned from the ground up to create a compact and lightweight bike, perfect for everyday use as well as for sports use.

The aluminium Front Frame replicates the same concept found on the Panigale V4. It is short and attached directly to engine heads. With a weight of only 3 kg this frame is 4.5 kg lighter (60% less) than the previous trellis, helping to reduce the dry weight of the bike to just 166 kg.

Each component has been redesigned and lightened: the rims lose 1.7 kg and the swingarm is lightened by 1.6 kg. The rear subframe decreases by 1.9 kg thanks also to the GFRP (Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer) technology with which it was made, that has allowed the optimization of shapes and surfaces to the benefit of lightness and dimensional compactness. The total weight saving is 18 kg compared to the Monster 821.

The new Monster is easy, in any situation.

The height from the ground of the seat of the new Monster is 820 mm. This, combined with the

Wednesday, 2 December 2020


Triumph Benelux is verheugd om aan te kondigen dat per 1 januari 2021 een nieuwe Triumph dealer in Nijmegen zal starten

Na enkele maanden van voorbereiding zijn wij verheugd om mee te kunnen delen dat we een nieuwe partner gevonden hebben in TLM te Nijmegen. TLM is een motorzaak met een rijke historie en is een begrip op het gebied van exclusieve, Italiaanse motoren. Vanaf 2021 zullen zij de bedrijfsactiviteiten uitbreiden en zal het Triumph dealerschap onder de naam Triumph Nijmegen gestart worden. Dit houdt in dat er vanaf volgend jaar ook in het Zuidoosten van Nederland een vertrouwd adres zal zijn voor de allermooiste en meest exclusieve, Engelse motoren van het merk Triumph. Triumph Nijmegen zal als regionale dealer fungeren voor het gebied onder de rivieren (van Nijmegen tot aan Limburg). Momenteel wordt de zaak verbouwd tot Triumph World Black Store om vanaf januari als Triumph Nijmegen de deuren te kunnen openen.

Overigens ook een mooi moment om als dealer in te stappen met de komst van de nieuwe Trident en Tiger 850 Sport aan het einde van januari. De opening zal tevens gepaard gaan met een aantal activiteiten om de nieuwe 2021 modellen onder de aandacht te brengen van het grote publiek, zoals de Trident Preview Tour en de Triumph Triple Days.


De Trident komt naar je toe op vrijdag 8 januari bij Triumph Nijmegen! Ter ondersteuning van de opening van Triumph Nijmegen zal de nieuwe Triumph Trident al op vrijdag 8 januari te zien zijn bij TLM. Gedurende de dag zal een Triumph-bus met aanhanger met daarop een grote ‘modelauto-

Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Arlen Ness Big Brake Rotor Kits

 Go Big with Ness Big Brake Rotor Kits

Arlen Ness 14" and 15" Big Brake rotor kits "drastically improve braking performance as well as upgrade the style of the factory front wheel.
"Our 420 stainless steel rotor is engineered for optimum performance and heat dispersion. Billet brake caliper adapters are included in each kit to precisely relocate the factory caliper to the proper position."

15" Big Brake rotors, hub mount
15" Jagged Big Brake rotors, hub mount

The kit utilizes the factory brake caliper, rotor hardware and brake hose. It is an easy bolt-on installation with no need to re-bleed the brake system, and the kit is designed to work with factory or aftermarket front fenders.
Designed to fit '08 and up H-D FLT Touring/Bagger models, the extra braking leverage delivered by the massive 14" diameter rotor is a similar dynamic to using a larger wrench to more easily turn a bolt - it really is that straightforward. Drilled for optimum performance and heat dispersion, they ship with CNC-machined billet aluminum and black anodized rotor carriers.

14" Jagged Big Brake rotors, FLT spoke mount
14" Big Brake rotors, FLT spoke mount 

The Ness 15" Big Brake rotor kits (also in 420 heat treated stainless) can also be installed with the supplied factory caliper relocation brackets, use the factory brake caliper, rotor hardware and brake hose without needing to re-bleed the brake system.
They are designed to fit Dyna, Softail and Sportster models equipped with factory hub mounted rotors (5-bolt hub mount fitment) and also work with factory or aftermarket fenders.


Burlen Celebrates Miss Shilling’s Orifice, 80-years after it saved the Merlin engine fitted to the Hurricane and Spitfire

 Burlen Celebrates Miss Shilling’s Orifice, 80-years after it saved the Merlin engine fitted to the Hurricane and Spitfire

Skinners Union (SU) Carburetters was founded by the Skinner family in 1910

SU Carburetters concentrated on aviation applications during World War 2, becoming standard fitment carburetters for the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine

During battle the Merlin engine suffered temporary stalling when put into a steep dive, a problem which affected all Hurricane and Spitfire aircraft

Beatrice Shilling devised a fix for the SU Carburetters fitted to the Merlin engine - known as Miss Shilling’s orifice

Burlen Ltd are the world’s sole manufacturer of genuine SU, Amal and Zenith carburetters

Skinners Union (SU) Carburetter Company is best known for its automotive applications but, during the Second World War, SU paused road car carburetter production to help with the war effort. This change of direction led SU to be successful in aero carburetion, and their single-point fuel injection pump became standard fitment to the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.

The Merlin engine was used extensively in the Hurricane and Spitfire fighters, but once air battle became more commonplace it became apparent the engine would suffer a ‘fluff’ caused by fuel starvation when in a steep dive. Late in 1940 an engineer named Beatrice Shilling introduced a modification that allowed the Merlin engine to overcome this issue. Today Burlen celebrates Beatrice, and her invention, 80 years after it was initially introduced.

Miss Beatrice Shilling, known as Tilly to her friends was a remarkably gifted lady who was once described as ‘a flaming pathfinder of women’s lib’. Born in 1909, she was awarded a gold star in the 1930s for lapping Brooklands on her Norton 500 motorcycle at over 100mph. Later Beatrice would gain an engineering degree at Manchester University and was recruited as a scientific officer by the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE), a position she held until her retirement in 1969.

During her RAE career she led investigations into the aquaplaning of aircraft during take-off and landing on wet runways and was awarded an OBE in 1948. Beatrice continued her passion for speed by racing a 1935 Lagonda at Silverstone and took part in sportscar races at Goodwood

Friday, 27 November 2020

Kid Rock and $30,000 Giveaway Announced to Kick Off 2021 Sturgis Buffalo Chip


Kid Rock and $30,000 Giveaway Announced to Kick Off 2021 Sturgis Buffalo Chip®

The music and motorcycle festival recently coined a “Beacon for Freedom” by Pollstar Magazine is living up to its moniker by offering people the freedom to camp and experience live outdoor music under the wide-open air of South Dakota once again. The Buffalo Chip, Black Hills Harley Davidson, and Liv Hospitality will also give away $30,000 in prizes to help four winners enjoy that experience.  

A smoke on the stage

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Sturgis, SD (Nov. 27, 2020): Confident that open air festivals can be held responsibly and hot off the heels of a successful 2020 event, the Sturgis Buffalo Chip is blowing the gate wide open for the 81st Anniversary of the Sturgis Rally with the largest live entertainment announcement since the pandemic began. The American Badass, Kid Rock, will take the legendary Wolfman Jack Stage at The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling® on Sunday, Aug. 8, 2021. In addition to kicking off the campground’s festival lineup, the Buffalo Chip has partnered with two dominating names of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Black Hills Harley-Davidson and Liv Hospitality, to award a once-in-a-lifetime $30,000 King of Sturgis prize package to one winner and three of their friends. The King of Sturgis™ Giveaway registration is now open at The Kid Rock video announcement can be seen here Entertainment is free with camping.

"We know from last year that outdoor events can be safely held when proper precautions are taken,” said Rod Woodruff, President and CEO of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. “The majority of people act respectfully and practice social distancing when they are expected to act responsibly. Plus, we feel good about the highly effective vaccines coming soon to market.”


The Buffalo Chip took the pandemic seriously in August 2020 and it plans to do so again in 2021. The 2020 event included social distancing built into the amphitheater, prominent signage providing information on COVID-19 and encouraging social distancing, hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the campground, free face coverings for those entering the amphitheater and a strict backstage policy that included mask requirements, temperature checks and limited in-person contact. The Buffalo Chip’s nine-night music and motorcycle festival is an open-air, outdoor festival located on a campground with over 600 acres on which guests can spread out. The venue is not a closed environment like a crowded indoor bar. With the safest environment offered at the Sturgis Rally, the Buffalo Chip will again provide guests the safest place to camp and experience the benefits of social interaction, without restricting their personal rights and freedoms.


“We’ll be here in 2021 celebrating the freedoms we thought to be the birthright of all Americans, and I can think of no better way to kick off our 40th anniversary as a campground than to bring back legendary fan favorite Kid Rock. To top it off we’re going to drop a $30,000 bomb of amazing prizes on someone," said Woodruff.


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Multi-genre superstar Kid Rock is bringing his larger-than-life personality and performance back to the Best Party Anywhere® for the 40th Anniversary of the Sturgis Buffalo Chip. With megahits like “Cowboy,” “Bawitdaba” and “All Summer Long,” Kid Rock has blazed his own trail in the music industry making waves in multiple genres including country, metal, hip-hop and rock n’ roll.


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The King of Sturgis giveaway rolls out the red carpet to four lucky music and motorcycle enthusiasts to be treated like royalty with the ultimate VIP Sturgis experience. One winner and three friends will party like rock stars with VIP concert and event experiences at The Largest Music Festival in Motorcycling®. They will roll through the Black Hills in style as a result of a $10,000 shopping spree from Black Hills Harley-Davidson. The winners will stay and play like high rollers with Liv Hospitality’s top dining, gaming and lodging accommodations.

The King of Sturgis giveaway is completely free to enter. The winner will be drawn on June 30,

Kees Roozenboom, Motormechanica overleden

 Motormechanica Nieuwegein


Rust in vrede Kees

5-12-1947                               26-11-2020

Motormechanica is voorlopig gesloten

Teken hier het condoleance register


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Ducati presents the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini

 Ducati presents the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini

The first motorcycle born from the collaboration between Ducati and Lamborghini: a Diavel 1260 inspired by the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37
The Diavel 1260 Lamborghini will be produced in a numbered limited edition of 630 units
The bike is characterized by having forged wheels with a new design that explicitly recall those of the car, a new carbon bodywork and a special livery with the colours of the Siàn FKP 37

Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 25 November 2020 - The Ducati World Première web series arrives at its fourth episode, during which the Bologna motorcycle manufacturer has unveiled the new Diavel 1260 Lamborghini.
To be made in a limited and numbered edition of 630 units, the Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is born from the collaboration between two prestigious brands that have their roots in the Motor Valley, the Emilia-Romagna land within which can be found many of the sportiest and most desired car and motorcycle companies in the world.

Unconventional, unique, absolutely unmistakable: the Diavel 1260 is the model of the Ducati range that amazes enthusiasts everywhere for its personality, its naked sports road behaviour, its thoroughbred sports engine and its design.

To carry out this project, Ducati designers chose to be inspired by the Siàn FKP 37, the most prestigious car ever made by Lamborghini: available in only 63 units, each of which personalized to specific customer requests, it is a masterpiece of exclusivity, design and innovation. It is inspired by the Countach, has razor-sharp lines, aerodynamic elegance and an unmistakable silhouette. Producing combined thermal and electric power of 819 hp (602 kW), the Siàn FKP 37 is the most powerful Lamborghini ever produced.

"In creating a Diavel inspired by the Siàn, we are celebrating the values ​​we share with Lamborghini: we are Italian, we are sporty, and design is a distinctive element for our creations," says Andrea Ferraresi, Director of the Centro Stile Ducati.  "The Diavel 1260 Lamborghini was designed using the same stylistic language that distinguishes the super sports car, so we have redesigned the elements that most characterize the Diavel. For example, the rims, which are a fundamental component for a motorcycle like this, are forged and immediately bring the bike close to the car. The entire bodywork was made of carbon fibre, a precious and light material. The result is a bike with a great stage presence, a true collector's item from the point of view of style and a 100% Diavel in riding."

"We are convinced that our design is strong and one of the most recognizable in the automotive sector," says Mitja Borkert, Head of Design of Automobili Lamborghini.  "The unique silhouette, clean but extremely distinguished, defines

Polaris Chairman and CEO Scott Wine to leave for new challenge at end of 2020

 Polaris Chairman and CEO Scott Wine to leave for new challenge at end of 2020

Minneapolis based Polaris Industries Inc., the parent company of Indian Motorcycle and market leading snowmobile, ATV/UTV and PWC manufacturer, has confirmed that long-time CEO and Chairman Scott Wine has decided to leave the company at the end of December to take up the CEO position at Case New Holland - the London headquartered, NYSE traded $28bn a year turnover agricultural equipment and On-Highway transport vehicle manufacturer.

As Chairman and CEO of Polaris, Scott Wine oversaw the acquisition of Indian Motorcycle and saw annual sales more than triple in his twelve years from $1.9bn to around $7bn.

Wine, 53 and a former U.S. Navy officer, joined Polaris twelve years ago. He steered Polaris through the 2008-2010 global financial crisis and has masterminded sales growth in that time from some $1.9bn to around $7bn last year - higher than primary motorcycle rival Harley-Davidson - and establishing Polaris as a global powersports industry powerhouse.
The growth propelled Polaris into the Fortune 500 (PII) and established the company as America's leading powersports industry manufacturer. It was under Wine's management that Polaris bought Indian Motorcycle in 2011. Wine drove a strong, some would say aggressive, mergers and acquisitions programme during his time. He leaves Polaris with a portfolio of 30+ active brands and having just pushed the button on an innovative relationship with Zero to drive vehicle electrification across several Polaris markets.

"For the last twelve years, I have had the extraordinary honour of leading the best team in powersports, and it is incredibly rewarding to reflect on all that we have accomplished together," said Wine. "I am most proud of the team and the culture that have made working here so gratifying. Having witnessed first-hand the ingenuity, passion and drive that permeates the company, I leave with complete confidence that Polaris' future is bright. I also want to offer my sincere thanks to my incredibly talented colleagues and to the Polaris Board for their guidance and leadership during my tenure."

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Project 21: 2-in-1 Clubstyle/Performance uitlaat





"Your riding style might get you in trouble… your exhaust won't!" 

Was het motto dat de uitlaatexperts van Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde kozen toen Project 21 startte. Onder deze naam werd een 2-in-1 uitlaatsysteem voor clubstyle / performance-rijders ontwikkeld, dat nu beschikbaar is voor Milwaukee-Eight Softail-modellen.*


*Beschikbaar voor Street Bob // Fat Bob // Low Rider // Low Rider S // Breakout / Fat Boy // Heritage // Standard // Deluxe // Slim
Niet beschikbaar voor: Sport Glide // FXDR



Ontstaan in de MC-cultuur, onder motorrijders die lange afstanden moesten rijden, groeide er een beweging om Harleys te customizen op het gebied van performance in plaats van de looks. Alles wat je aan je motor veranderde, was erop gericht de bike sneller te maken, de handling beter te maken en zo schuin mogelijk door de bocht te kunnen gaan. Begonnen met de FXR, geoptimaliseerd met de Dyna en nu geïmplementeerd in de nieuwe Softails, is clubstyle iets dat niet kan worden genegeerd in de hedendaagse Harley-scene. Voor Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde was het niet meer dan logisch om een uitlaat te ontwikkelen die speciaal voor deze scene is ontworpen. Samen met gerenommeerde partners uit de clubstyle & performance scene zijn we daarom Project 21 gestart: het maken van de ultieme elektronisch regelbare clubstyle / performance 2-in-1 uitlaat!




Check onderstaande video om even beeld the krijgen van de nieuwe Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde clubstyle / performance uitlaat! 


VIDEO: Dr. Jekill & Mr. hyde presenteert: 'Twenty-One'.



Na maanden van ontwerpen, bouwen en prototypes testen, presenteert Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde de 'Twenty-One', een unieke 2-in-1 elektronisch regelbare uitlaat voor Milwaukee-Eight Softail-modellen. De Twenty-One is gemaakt voor een publiek dat het rijden op een Harley naar een geheel nieuw niveau van performance en handling wil tillen. Met dit in gedachten creëerde Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde een uitlaat die aan alle behoeften van de clubstyle / performance-scene voldoet, zonder de karakteristieke eigenschappen en kenmerken van een Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde uitlaatsysteem op te geven.




De Twenty-One bestaat uit een compleet uitlaatsysteem met een bochtenset en demper. Het systeem is lichter dan OEM-systemen en heeft een optimale bodemspeling zodat je perfect door de bochten kunt rijden. Net als alle andere Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde systemen, is de Twenty-One volledig aanpasbaar. Het systeem is verkrijgbaar in zwart of brushed en met een slashcut of streetfighter end cap. de header kan volledig worden afgedekt met hitteschilden, maar een minimale optie is ook beschikbaar. Alle mogelijke configuraties zijn te zien in de online configurator.